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15 DIY Terrarium Projects To Test Out This Spring

Add a bit of creative and bouts of green to your tabletops once March comes to call. These tutorials are wonderful ways to spend a rainy afternoon or as a means to get the family together and get your hands dirty. Check out these 15 DIY terrarium projects to test out this spring! Let us know which is your favorite.

1. Sand Art

Sand art terrarium

One of our most family-friendly of terrarium projects come by way of our friends at Brit + Co. Different color sand, moss, and small plants or succulents can provide just the right combination for these hanging cuties. If you’re really creative, you can turn these into Christmas ornaments!

2. Lightbulb

Light bulb diy terrarium

Lightbulbs have the ability to become the tiniest and loveliest of terrariums! Check out The Hipster Home to learn how to make this happen. Think about adding mini additions like small animals and the like.

3. Mobile

Terrarium mobile diy

You can take some tiny plastic ornaments and turn them into hanging terrariums to create a mobile. Gimme Some Oven will give you all the details on how to make this happen. And get creative! Think about adding small plants with pops of colors other than green.

4. Magnetic Tin

Magnetic tin terrarium

Ruffled went and made some of the tiniest of terrariums. These cuties can be placed on the fridge or any magnetic area – even bulletin boards that need a sprucing. Use these as small, DIY gifts!

5. Shadowbox

Diy shadowbox terrarium

We really love these shadowbox options as well. You can hang them on the wall in a gallery or use them as desk knick-knacks. Check out the details at A Little Craft In Your Day.

6. Picture Frames

Picture frame terrarium

Grab a few picture frames and start putting together one of these masterpieces. It’s the perfect project for the novice DIYer. And all you have to do is follow the directions over at Brit + Co.

7. Geo Glass

Geometric glass terrarium

Soap Deli News featured this geometric beauty. It’s right on trend and fits nicely inside more modern homes. Use this on the walls or on the windowsills.

8. Coffee Pot

Sony dsc

Yes, even a coffee pot could be the perfect spot for your new terrarium creation. Get innovative around the house with this tutorial from A Charming Project. We love all the combination of colors and the addition of crystal inside this one!

9. Side Table

Terrarium side table

A Beautiful Mess has one of the biggest and most unique terrarium projects on the list. Build an entire scene of love with all the right ingredients. Moss, rocks, succulents, and whatever else strikes your fancy. Don’t be scared, dive into this beauty by the weekend.

10. Hanging

Hanging glass terrarium

365 Designs has another hanging terrarium to check out. But this one can be situated on your desk. This is a beautiful DIY gift for a teacher or a work friend. Help to breathe some fresh air into their space.

11. Fairy Jars

Fairy jar terrarium diy

Crafts by Amanda made fairy jars which really make for a creative break for the day. Go to the store with the little ones to gather materials and have everyone in the fam create one for themselves. Task everyone to make one with another family member in mind and give them as gifts!

12. Embroidery Hoop

Embroidery hoop diy terrarium

Lydi Out Loud took embroidery hoops and made something brand new out of them. This would be a nice topping to a craft room, covered porch, or even added to the guest bedroom or bathroom. We’re loving the freshness of the design.

13. With Dinosaurs

Dinosaur terrarium diy

This one has family-friendly all over it. Hop on over to Yellow Brick Home and take a peek at how to set this one up with the kiddos. They’ll love adding those playful Dinos in as a nice topping.

14. Neon

Neon footed terrarium

A Kailo Chic Life knows how to really level up the terrarium style. Some aquariums rocks could help out and a bit of spray paint too. Don’t be afraid to add some glitter!

15. Crystals

Diy crystal terrarium

And finally, a personal favorite on the list, comes by way of Twinspiration. Instead of greens, just pop in some crystals! They’ll bring some great energy into any room and act as a beautiful centerpiece.

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