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15 DIY Pendant Lights To Ignite Your Home

Are you searching for new ways to transform you space? Do you need a new light fixture to push those nooks into a fashion-forward era? Or maybe you just need a quick refresher for the bedroom or breakfast bar? Whatever the case, pendant lights are a wonderful way to bring both function and fun into the home. Let’s take a peek at 15 DIY projects that are ready to ignite your home.

1. White Leather

White leather diy pendant leather

You’ll need some white leather cuts to begin this unique project. Follow along at Brit + Co to figure out how these beauties can be made and installed in your home. We envision these designs inside your home office, craft room, or even near the vanity area of your bedroom.

2. Ice Bucket

Diy thrift store ice bucket pendant light

Who knew that an ice bucket could be turned into something so useful? Well, the geniuses over at Makely Home sure did and they’ve decided to give us a step-by-step tutorial on how to make it happen inside our own homes. We love this for a farmhouse vision or kitchen area.

3. String

Diy string pendant light

You’ll need quite a bit of string to get this one started too. We love projects that act not only with functional appeal but with a lot of unique style. And that’s what this one has. It almost looks like a piece of modern art! Check out the tutorial by visiting and watching this video at YouTube.

4. Brass

Diy copper brass pendant light

According to Martha Stewart, a brass accent bowl could be your best friend when it comes to lighting. If you’re looking for an industrial niche or something just as posh as the rest of your place, this budget-friendly DIY is right up your alley. Use it by the living room couch or in a reading nook.

5. Globe

Globe pendant light diy 2