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DIY Patio Projects for Summer

Now that springtime is finally here and the weather where we live is warming up steadily, we’re looking forward to summer in a huge way! In fact, basically all of the urges we’ve had to get crafty lately have centred around the fact that we’ve decided we really want to make ourselves the ultimate patio space this summer. There’s just something so relaxing about sitting on our patio in the sun with friends and family! That’s why we’ve had our eyes peeled lately for all kinds of different DIY patio projects that might help us enjoy our outdoor space even more this summer!

Just in case you love the idea of making yourself some awesome DIY patio projects for the new warm weather season just as much as we did, if not more, here are 15 of the very best ideas, designs, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far in our search for inspiration and guidance.

1. Wooden patio tree swing

Wooden patio tree swing

In our childhood home, the patio space where the concrete stared stood right next to a wonderfully sprawling old tree that kept things shady and cool. It was the perfect place for a patio swing but we never got around to actually making one. Now that we’ve got our own house and kids who love spending time in the backyard, we plan to make one in our new patio-side tree instead! Learn how to make an awesome wood and rope patio tree swing on A Beautiful Mess.

2. Spray painted metal patio furniture update project

Spray painted metal patio furniture update project

In our house, we’ve gone out of our way to build a sort of vintage chic aesthetic but with as many kitschy pops of colour that we can possibly manage to include without looking gaudy. Now that the weather is warm, we figured why not extend that aesthetic outside the patio doors as well? That’s precisely what H20 Bungalow did when they updated an old metal patio seating set by spray painting it a brighter summery shade.

3. Midcentury style dividing patio trellis

Miscentury style dividing patio trellis

Of course, everyone loves their patio to be open and free feeling so that it gets plenty of sun and breeze on hot days, but what if yours is so open that it almost feels like it doesn’t have any privacy? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how A Beautiful Mess gave theirs a slightly more set aside feel in a pretty way by building a patio trellis with a stylishly overt mid-century style.

4. Candlestick and pot lid DIY bird bath

Candlestick and pot lid diy bird bath

We’re lucky enough to live in an area that, despite being close to city amenities, has a lot of cheerful wildlife in our backyard. That’s why we’ve always thought bird baths are such a great idea! Sure, you can buy plenty of bird bath designs in stores, but we always find ourselves feeling more satisfied when we at least try to make things ourselves. That’s why we thought this tutorial from My Repurposed Life that shows you how to make a simple homemade bird bath using a candlestick and a pot lid was such a good idea.

5. Rope wrapped old tire patio planter

Rope wrapped old tire patio planter

Perhaps the thing you feel like your patio could use most is a little bit more greenery than you’ve already got in your lawn and surrounding garden or yard area, but it’s paved or cobbled so you need some awesomely creative planter suggestions? Well, this lovely upcycled tire and rope wrapping project from Addicted 2 DIY is one of our favourites this year. In fact, we actually made two of them recently.

6. Potting bench turned patio bar

Potting bench turned patio bar

Have we really caught your attention with the whole concept of upcycling old things into new ones that you can use around your patio this summer but you’re feeling pretty set in terms of planters and greenery pots? Then maybe you’d prefer to make something that will help your patio feel a little more comfortable and full service. Check out how The Creativity Exchange transformed an old wooden potting bench into a patio bar in just a few simple steps!

7. Frosted mason jar patio picnic caddy

Frosted mason jar patio picnic caddy

Maybe we’ve got you feeling very intrigued indeed about the idea of making things that will help you relax and enjoy food and beverages on your patio more easily but you don’t have access to a potting bench right now? In that case, perhaps you should try out this fantastic portable picnic caddy from Clean and Scentsible that holds mason jars filled with lunch supplies like straws and cutlery.

8. Outdoor patio buffet cabinet

Outdoor patio buffet cabinet

Just in case you’re still thinking about how much you liked the outdoor bar area but your patio is rather small with not a lot of floor space, here’s a wall mounted cabinet version from Home Depot that folds closed when you don’t need it and opens out easily like a little table when you do! You could fill this like an outdoor bar, or you could use it like a barbecue station like you see here.

9. Galvanized bucket patio table

Galvanized bucket patio table

Have you actually been looking for a way to add a slightly rustic chic and repurposed aesthetic to your patio space to match that inside your home? Maybe you just know that you really need a central table piece to set things on while you lounge in your patio chairs and you’re open to any crafty concept. In either case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Remodelaholic made this fantastic galvanized bucket table in surprisingly few simple steps.

10. DIY patio cooler

Diy patio cooler

Are you feeling totally intrigued by the idea of making something for your patio that makes it easier for you to enjoy a cool beverage out in the sun this summer but you’re more of a simple cold beer fan than you are a mixed drinks at the bar kind of person? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll get along much better with something like this DIY patio cooler! Full instructions for making the tapped wooden stand and inserting the cooler inside can be found on DIY Pete.

11. Modern rustic 2×4 patio furniture

Modern rustic 2x4 patio furniture

We’ve already talked about several rustic chic looking pieces and we’ve even mentioned a few ideas that are more modern and mid-century styled, but what if you’re having trouble choosing between the two? Well, who ever said you have to choose one or the other? We’re kind of obsessed with the way Ana White blended the two aesthetics when they made these rustic modern 2×4 patio seats.

12. DIY industrial patio beverage cart

Diy industrial patio beverage cart

Just in case you’re actually still thinking about how much you’d love to make yourself some kind of simple beverage station because you love nothing more than a cold drink on the sunny patio in the summer but you’re just not sure that a stationary or more permanent design like you’ve seen so far is quite right for you, here’s an idea that will help you move the whole station around instead! Check out how Simply Designing made a simple patio beverage card on wheels.

13. DIY X-leg outdoor dining table

Diy x leg outdoor dining table

Are you actually very handy indeed and feeling up for quite a challenge? Well, if you’re also the kind of person who lives in a place so warm that you eat almost every meal between the months of May and September outside on the patio, then we think you just might be the perfect person to give this fantastic wooden X-frame patio dining table from Cherished Bliss a try!

14. Mini dining cabana made from copper pipe

Mini dining cabana made from copper pipe

Perhaps we really caught your attention when we started talking about ideas for adding privacy to your patio area but you can’ help feeling like you could occasionally use even more than the trellis we showed you above offers? Maybe you’d prefer to block out a breeze around your patio able while you enjoy a meal out there. In any case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Home Depot made this lovely patio cabana from copper piping and a set of curtains.

15. Patio art table and mud kitchen

Patio art table and mud kitchen

Have you actually been scrolling through our list hoping to find some kind of DIY patio project that will actually help your kids enjoy that particular outdoor space a little more this summer too? Well, if your kids love getting messy in the sun even half as much as ours do, then we have a feeling you’ll really appreciate the way Rhythms of Play created this fantastic outdoor art table and mud kitchen. It’s actually easier to complete than it looks!

Do you know another home crafter or DIY enthusiast who is intent on making their own patio features this summer but who you know could use a little bit of guidance along the way? Share this post with them so they have all kinds of information and inspiration before they get started!

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