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How to Build Chicken Coops

Now that spring is here, are you ready to take the next step in your smalltime home hobby farming endeavours? Well, we have no doubt that you know just as well as we do the amount of research it takes to successfully raise and house chickens but what about the actual coop itself? Sure, there are plenty of supplies and versions that you can buy in stores but we always feel more confident and satisfied when we’ve made something as “from scratch” as possible ourselves! That’s why we’ve had our eyes peeled for fantastic tutorials that will  guide us step by step through the process of making all kinds of different chicken coop styles, depending on your space, the number of chickens you’ll raise, and the aesthetic you’re aiming for in terms of how it looks in your yard.

1. Chicken hut with its own fenced yard

Chickne hut with its own fenced yard

Are you you intent on giving your chickens a feeling of as much freedom as possible even though you don’t believe they’d be safe just wandering entirely freely in your yard space full time? Then perhaps you’d do best with a chicken coop actually has its won feeding yard build right into the structure itself! Get the full details for making that happen on Country Living.

2. $50 chicken coop from an old crib

$50 chicken coop from an old crib

Are you actually looking for something a little more innovative and upcycled because that’s your favourite kind of piece to create but you still want to make sure that the very few chickens you’re getting will be comfortable, even if the coop is low maintenance for you? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at the way Weed ‘Em and Reap repurposed an old baby’s crib into a chicken coop!

3. Bright red reclaimed wood and vinyl coop

Bright red reclaimed wood and vinyl coop

Even though it’s just a chicken coop, have you actually been feeling pretty intent on making yours something that will actually be quite appealing sitting there in your yard when you have friends and family coming in and out? Well, particularly if you always love a pop of colour, we think you’ll get a real kick out of the way Small Friendly made this fantastic coop using repurposed wood and bright red vinyl!

4. Raised urban chicken coop

Riased urban chicken coop

Just in case the style you were picturing in your head was something a little more modern, as though your chickens might actually be a city flock of some kind, we’d suggest checking out the way The Tangled Nest built this fantastic raised coop that sits up a few feet with an enclosure underneath rather than sitting flat on the ground. It’s also painted in a contemporary way and painted with a pop of colour that makes it resemble a mid-century house a little bit.

5. Cape Cod inspired chicken coop

Cape cod inspired chicken coop