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DIY Farmhouse Interiors – Bring The Style Indoor With Simple Projects

Even if you’re not actually living on a farm or anywhere near the country, farmhouse chic interiors have become a beautifully natural way to express your appreciation for a slightly calmer, old fashioned inspired style of living and relaxing. This is something we greatly admire, and we’ve been slowly moving our own interior aesthetic ever so slightly in a farmhouse direction as of late. Since we’re not yet ready to make any big structural or style changes yet and have kept it mostly to decor details, we’re also trying to add some authenticity into the mix by making these new things ourselves, rather than just going out and buying them! The Internet has turned out to be a wealth of guidance in this department, since so many other crafty people seem to appreciate the very DIY nature of repurposed farmhouse style interior pieces as well, so we’ve spent a lot of time browsing for projects to try our hand at.

Just in case you’re also feeling interested in the idea of making your very own DIY farmhouse style interiors, here are 15 of the very best ideas, designs, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far in our search for inspiration and guidance!

1. Weathered wooden ladder blanket rack

Weathered wooden ladder blanket rack

So long as you’re not opposed to doing just a little bit of simple wood working (we promise it’s beginner-friendly), then this weather wooden ladder blanket rack is the perfect piece for people who love to get cozy in the evening but don’t like leaving the blankets lying around all over the couch during the day! We love the way this tutorial from Old Salt Farm outlines the process so simply, and we also love their idea for hanging a pretty wreath at the top on the rungs you aren’t using.

2. Old fashioned tool tray planter

Old fashioned tool tray planter

If you’re going to make something from wood, would you rather upcycle an old wooden piece than build one of your own new and weather it to look old fashioned? Well, if you can get your hands on an old fashioned tool tray (we’d suggest checking yard sales, farm sales, and rural thrift shops), then you’ll have almost everything you need to make this lovely planter centrepiece outlined in detail on I Restore Stuff!

3. Repurposed outdoor fireplace mantel

Repurposed outdoor fireplace mantel

When you picture the ideal farmhouse living room, do you see a lovely fireplace that your family can gather around, but your current home just doesn’t have the space to built a real one? Then we’d suggest getting crafty in order to create a farmhouse chic faux fireplace instead! Take a better look at the tutorial on The Happy Scraps to see how they made this one with repurposed wooden shutters, and old window frame, and a wall mounted side table as the mantel.

4. Hanging wood and jute twine potted planter door wreath

Hanging wood and jute twine potted planter door wreath

If you’ve ever loved door wreaths even half as much as we do then you’re going to love the unique spin that Sugar Bee Crafts put on the idea to give it a particularly farmhouse chic feel! If you check out their tutorial, you’ll learn that they made it by jute twine wrapping a large embroidery hoop and embellishing it with a burlap tie, a wooden piece, miniature planters, and wooden beads.

5. Metallic painted kitchen storage jars

Metallic painted kitchen storage jars

Are you actually looking for a slightly easier but also more practical craft that will hopefully help you organized your kitchen a little better, but working with wood doesn’t really appeal to you? Well, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still do a little bit of upcycling and weathering! We really love the way The Crafty Blog Stalker used grey, chalkboard, and metallic silver paint to transform this plastic food container into a kitchen storage jar that’s perfect for storing snacks (for you or your furry friend).

6. Old fashioned style display pedestals

Old fashioned style display pedestals

Even though you value a slightly weathered and vintage looking piece, are you also into the idea of making something that manages to look a little bit grand at the same time? Well, if you’ve got enough cute decor pieces and trinkets that you could benefit from staggering how they’re display, then perhaps you could benefit from making yourself a set of these old fashioned style DIY pedestals from Simply Beautiful By Angela!

7. Mounted mason jar wall planters

Mounted mason jar wall planters

Have we really got you feeling enamoured now with this whole concept of upcycling seemingly regular things into unique decor pieces but you just haven’t quite found the one that’s got you feeling decided yet? Well, if you’re really looking for something slightly more unconventional looking and you can get your hand on arched candlesticks and some mason jars then you might get a real kick out of these awesome wall planters outlined in full detail on Pretty, Crafty, and Wanderful!

8. Stained wood flower planter centrepiece

Stained wood flower planter centrepiece

Are you scrolling through our list but still finding yourself thinking about the wooden planter centrepiece we showed you earlier, only you know you won’t be able to find an old fashioned wooden tool tray? Well, maybe this tutorial from Restyle, Revolve will be a good compromise instead! They show you how to make a stained wooden centrepiece box that’s rather similar to the one you saw above, but without the handle. You could make this one in any wood finish you please.

9. Wall mounted pallet section bookshelf

Wall mounted pallet section bookshelf

If you ask us, the very best kind of crafting project is one that’s both decorative and practical, all at the same time. That’s why we loved the nature of this wall mounted pallet section bookshelf so much! Lil’ Luna outlines the surprisingly simple process of making it step by step and even gives you some easy, useful tips for mounting it on the wall properly so that it will hold the weight even once you’ve filled it entirely.

10. Vertical ladder photo frame display

Vertical ladder photo frame display

Did you actually really love the basic look of the ladder idea we showed you earlier because it looks very farmhouse indeed but you’re just not sure you’d actually hang anything on it in the version? Then perhaps you’d prefer this awesome and similar but slightly functionally different alternative instead! Gratefully Vintage walks you nice and easily through the steps of using reclaimed wood to build a ladder and mounting it against the flush enough against the wall so that photo frames can be leaned for display on each rung.

11. 5-gallon bottle vase with wooden crate frame

5 gallon bottle vase with wooden crate frame

If you’re going to put in all the time and effort it takes to make a purposely stylishly weathered looking farmhouse pieces, would you actually rather make something large enough to really catch the eye? Well, if you can get your hands on a 5-gallon glass bottle like you might have seen down on your grandparents’ farm as a kid then you’ll be right on track to making this amazing vase! Sawdust 2 Stitches guides you through the steps for creating the wooden frame around it by hand.

12. Stained wood and pipe rustic bathroom shelving

Stained wood and pipe rustic bathroom shelving

Are you still thinking about how much you loved the idea of creating something that’s both decorative and practical but you also can’t help wondering whether a light touch of the industrial chic trend can’t also come hand-in-hand with your farmhouse interior aesthetic? In that case, we’re pretty sure Organized*ish has just what you need in these stained wood and metal pipe floating shelves!

13. Purposely weathered vintage style furniture upcycling

Purposely weathered vintage style furniture upcycling

Have you actually already got access to a piece of wooden furniture that’s old enough to look vintage but that could still really use a makeover or a little bit of sprucing up? Then maybe you’d do well to follow Do Dodson Designs transformation tutorial in order to give it some purposely weathered vintage character that would fit right into a farmhouse atmosphere filled with other charmingly weathered things.

14. Worn painted and twine wrapped pots

Worn painted and twine wrapped pots

Are you a bit more of a beginner when it comes to crafting and therefore on the lookout for a farmhouse interior project that’s not only super easy, but also very small and fit for a little apartment? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at what Pink When created, especially if you’re a greenery lover as well. Their tutorial shows you how to make worn painted and twine wrapped pots that look very charming and farmhouse-fitting indeed no matter what kind of plant you choose to put in them.

15. Reclaimed wooden farmhouse dish tray

Reclaimed wooden farmhouse dish tray

Are you still feeling intrigued by the idea of practicing your woodworking skills in the form of construction a long wooden box of your own, but you’re just not sure you need a planter centrepiece? Well, if you’ve never thought of making your very own farmhouse chic dish rack, then maybe it’s time to start! We love the simplicity and weathered beauty of this piece detailed in full on Flower Patch Farmhouse.

Have you made other fantastic farmhouse inspired interior decor pieces before that you were very pleased with indeed and might even still have out on display? If you don’t see them on our list, tell us all about what you created in the comments section or link us to photos of your finished work!

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