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15 Friendly Serving All-Beef Smoked Sausage Recipes

If you’re the kind of person who adores meat based dishes and you’ve never tried making your own sausages, then we’re sorry to tell you that you’ve been missing out on something very delicious indeed! It’s also a task that’s a lot easier than most people think it is. Lately, we’ve been feeling very enthusiastic about the idea of making our own all-beef sausages. This desire was partially spurred by the fact that some of our family members have very subtle food sensitivities to the small ingredients that are often used as filler in store-bought or mass-produced brand sausages. By making them ourselves, we know precisely what’s going into the casings and we can guarantee that what we’re serving is friendly and safe for everyone around the table.

Of course, once you’ve got your sausages made, it’s always nice to have an idea of what you can make with them as well. Beef sausages are a fantastic ingredient for all kinds of delicious dishes. That’s why we’ve been on the lookout for recipes that will help us make the sausages themselves and recipes that will help us serve them in all kinds of scrumptious ways.

If you’re feeling just as interested in learning how to make your very own all-beef sausages and sausage dishes as we were, if not more, then check out our list below! We’ve gathered the 15 best recipes, flavour combinations, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far in our search for inspiration and guidance.

1. How to make your own all-beef sausage

How to make your own all beef sausage

Are you coming to this whole idea brand new and with no experience at all, so you’d really like to start with the very basics? Then we’re pretty sure All to Health has just the kind of recipe you’re looking for. This tutorial actually teaches you step by step, from start to finish, how to make homemade all-beef sausages with a few subtle herbs, a whole lot of flavour, and no unnecessary additives.

2. How to make hickory smoked beef sausage

How to make hickory smoked beef sausage

If you’re going to put in all the time and effort it takes to make all-beef sausages of your very own, would you actually like to make sure that they have some kind of extra flavour, just to really wow your family or dinner guests? Well, if deep, rich smoked flavours have ever been a hit in your eyes, then we’d definitely suggest checking out this tutorial from Cooking Guide that teaches you in detail how to make hickory smoked beef sausage.

3. Homemade smoked Polish sausage

Homemade smoked polish sausage

If you’re the kind of person who adores learning how to make traditional family recipes and has been trying to learn more about your Polish heritage, then look no further! This fantastic recipe and tutorial featured on I Love Grilling Meat is here to make sure you know what you’re doing every step of the way. The result is a fantastic and traditional smoked Polish sausage that tastes just like the ones you remember loving when you were young.

4. Make your own smoked beef sticks

Make your own smoked beef sticks

Rather than just making larger sausages of the kind that would be prepared with a whole meal and served at dinner, would you rather learn how to make a version that you can easily snack on any time you have a craving? Then you just might be the perfect person to give this recipe from PS Seasoning a try. They teach you how to make delicious grab-n-go smoked beef sticks that don’t contain any of the harmful drying preservatives that are usually in the packaged kind you’d see in a gas station. They taste a lot better too!

5. Traegar smoked beef sausages

Traegar smoked beef sausages

If you’re still on the lookout for large all-beef sausages that are packed with slightly unique flavour but you’re just not quite sold on the idea of making a hickory smoked version, then maybe you’d get along a little better with this slightly more subtle tasting smoked beef sausage tutorial from Traegar Grills instead! They show you how to make them in a size that’s perfect for serving on a bun like a jumbo homemade hot dog, but healthier.

6. Make your own corned beef brisket sausages

Make your own corned beef brisket sausages

Perhaps you’ve actually already got a little bit of sausage making experience under your belt and you’re hoping to diversify your skills a little bit and trying something new, just to keep both you and your family interested? In that case, we think you’d best take a look at how Girls Can Grill made these mouthwatering cornbread beef brisket sausages that are juicy and fragrant but also give you a slightly different texture, in a great way.

7. Harvest stew with smoked beef sausage

Harvest stew with smoked beef sausage

Do you actually already have a favourite all-beef sausage recipe that you love making but you’ve been hoping to find new ways of preparing and serving it? Well, we find that mixing classic recipe elements we already know our family loves with a new meal they’ve never tried before is always a hit, so we can’t say we blame you. Check out this harvest stew with smoked beef sausage featured in detail on Yummly!

8. Easy smoked sausage hash

Easy smoked sausage hash

If you’re still on the lookout for delicious ways to use your homemade all-beef sausage but you’re just not sure that soup is really the direction you’d like to go in, here’s an idea that’s a little quicker to whip up and will taste delicious served any time of day! This tutorial from Copy Kat teaches you a nice easy way to make an irresistible smoked sausage hash that’s full of hearty chunks of meat, yummy potatoes, chopped peppers, and really whatever else you’d please.

9. Sheet pan beef sausage and veggies with smoked paprika vinaigrette

Sheet pan beef sausage and veggies with smoked paprika vinaigrette

Have you actually been scrolling through our list hoping to find a slightly healthier way to enjoy the all-beef sausage you plan on making from scratch, but you’d still prefer that it be something that’s packed with unique flavour? Then we’re not sure you’ll need to look much further than this recipe from Mom’s Dinner for making sheet pan beef sausage and veggies with smoked paprika vinaigrette!

10. Spinach sausage pasta that you can prepare in 30 minutes

Spinach sausage pasta that you can prepare in 30 minutes

Are you feeling totally sold on the idea of turning your homemade all-beef sausage into another kind of delicious dish and you do want something quick and easy like we mentioned before, but you’d also prefer that it be a little more hearty and rich? Well, pasta lovers rejoice, because we’re pretty sure we’ve found the perfect recipe for you. Take a better look at Art and The Kitchen to learn how this delicious 30-minute spinach sausage pasta in a creamy tomato sauce was made.

11. Smoked beef sausage jambalaya

Smoked beef sausage jambalaya

Are you the kind of food enthusiast who always prefer the recipes that have at least a bit of kick to them, so you’ve been holding out for a meal idea that’s got a little more spice involved than what you’ve seen so far? In that case, we have a strong feeling that this fragrant and flavourful smoked beef jambalaya laid out nice and simply on Taste of Home will be right up your alley!

12. Smoked sausage zucchini skillet

Smoked sausage zucchini skillet

Just in case you’re still not over the idea of making some kind of hash, pan fry, or skillet but you’re also still interested in getting a wider variance of vegetables involved than the options we’ve already shown you, here’s another awesome alternative for your consideration. Yellow Bliss Road walks you step by step through the process of making a smoked sausage zucchini skillet that also features juicy, halved cherry tomatoes.

13. Smoked beef sausage with potatoes and broccoli

Smoked beef sausage with pottoes and broccoli

Besides your determination to prepare your very own all-beef smoked sausage from scratch, are you actually still a little bit of a beginner in the kitchen when it comes to cooking more elaborate meals? Well, just because you’re trying to keep things simple doesn’t have to mean that you can’t prepare something good with your meat. We’d suggest giving something like this smoked beef sausage with potatoes and broccoli featured on Mom’s Bistro a try.

14. Smoked sausage Fra Diavalo

Smoked sausage fra diavalo

Did we actually catch your attention the best with the idea of making an all-beef sausage pasta of some kind, but we’ve also still got you feeling a little bit enamoured by the idea of making something with a bit more spice as well? Then we’re absolutely convinced that My Sequinned Life has just the kind of dish you’ve been holding out for! Check out their recipe and tutorial to see how this smoked sausage Fra Diavalo was made.

15. Slow cooker smoked sausage with peppers, mushrooms, orzo and parmesan

Slow cooker smoked sausage with peppers, mushrooms, orzo and parmesan

Just in case you’re really feeling this whole idea of homemade smoked sausage prepared with all kinds of vegetables but you’d also like a little but of healthy carb involved, here’s an alternative to classic pasta noodles that’ll still fill you right up. This recipe from 365 Days of Slow + Pressure Cooking that teaches you how to make slow cooker smoked sausage with peppers, mushrooms, orzo, and parmesan might just be our favourite thing on the whole list.

Do you know someone else who loves trying new things in the kitchen and has been talking about wanting to learn how to make all-beef sausage, but you’re pretty sure they could use a little more information and guidance? Share this post with them so they have all kinds of delicious recipes to choose from and work with!

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