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25 Delicious Winter Salad Recipes You Can Recreate At Home!

The season has changed, temperatures have gone chilly and that means our menus have evolved as well. And although salads are favorites for the spring and summer, the winter months hold some delicious and interesting flavor combinations that pay homage to the time of year! Embrace the time of year and scoop it up right into your kitchen. Take a look a these 25 delicious winter salad recipes you can recreate right at home!

1. Warm Kale

Warm Kale Salad Recipe

This warm salad is filled with kale, cranberries and some walnuts too. Check out the recipe over at Food Centric Life. It seems like it would be a great fit as a holiday appetizer or dinner party course!

2. Roasted Sweet Potato & Quinoa

Roasted Sweet Potatoe and Quinoa Winter Salad Recipe

The Gentle Home created a salad that is just as pretty as it is delicious! Mixed with sweet potatoes, quinoa, cranberries and more, this one is sure to hit the spot and pay homage to the season.

3. Roasted Carrot & Avocado

Roasted Carrot and Avocado Winter Salad Recipe

Personally, this is my favorite recipe on the menu. Anything that has avocado in it is a treat for me, especially when you can winterize it! Check it out at Honest Cooking.

4. Honey Crisp with Kale

Honey Crisp and Kale Winter Salad Recipe

This salad mixes scrumptious honey crisp apples, persimmon oranges, kale, Brussels sprouts, toasted pumpkin seeds and orange cranberry dressing. Hop on over to In Pursuit of More to catch even more of the details.

5. Asian Slaw

Asian Slaw Winter Recipe

If you’re really looking for a bite to brighten up the winter months or holiday menus, then look no further than this Asian slaw recipe from Once Upon A Chef!

6. Baby Kale, Lemon & Chickpea

Kale and Chickpea Winter Salad Recipe

Check out this easy salad fromOnce Upon A Chef. Prepared with roasted chickpeas, baby kale, lemon and Parmesan too, it’s quite the bite and unique pairings.

7. Cranberry Pecan Californian

California Autumn-Winter Salad Recipe

This cranberry pecan Cali-styled salad is so versatile! Riddle Love features this yummy course and gives a great idea of adding salmon to the mix (and we think chicken would be really nice as well!).

8. Bacon, Beet & Butternut Squash

Bacon Beet Butternut Squash Winter Salad Recipe

Cooking with Books gives us a unique recipe that utilizes several fall and winter ingredients that everyone loves to savor. It’s not only a colorful beauty in a bowl but it’s got a scrumptious crunch to it too!

9. Orange & Pomegranate

Orange Pom Winter Salad Recipe

Concocting from Thanksgiving leftovers and a bit of creativity, check out this idea from Brooklyn Supper and gather inspiration for creating something seasonal and delicious out of your own kitchen’s ingredients.

10. Caesar Wedge with Bacon

Cesar Wedge Salad With Bacon Winter recipe

Check out this heartier, winter-friendly version of a classic Caesar salad from Simple Bites. This would be another perfect starter idea for one of your holiday meals or a great addition to a winter dinner party!

11. Sweet Walnut

Sweet Walnut Winter Salad Recipe

Pomegranates, apples, avocado, canidied walnuts and a few other ingredients come together to create this gorgeous mix from What Dress Code? It’s truly a burst of flavors and wintery fun flavors!

12. Lemon Yogurt

Lemon Yogurt Dressing Winter Salad Recipe

The focus of this salad is on its delicious lemon-yogurt dressing! Bon Appetit for those with a more sophisticated palette, check out this recipe as it combines Romain, jicama, avocado and more!

13. Chicken & Kale

Winter Chicken and Kale Salad Recipe

Maybe you’re looking for a dinner salad to mix up the wintery, heartier nights of food throughout the seaon. Hop on over to I Will Not Eat Oysters and grab the details on this chicken and kale beauty.

14. Cheddar & Apple

Cheddar and Apple Winter Salad Recipe

Here’s a fan-favorite that every guests and family member will drool over. Visit Bake Your Day and learn how to create this delicious cheddar and apple salad!

15.Warm Vegetable

Warm Winter Vegetable Salad Recipe

The Curvy Carrot knows how to make vegetables a bit more interesting for the family. Grab the recipe and get to work creating this scrumptious side dish.

16.Sweet Potato, Spinach & Grain

Sweet Potato and Spinach Winter Salad Recipe

Here’s another recipe that is sure to become a family staple throughout the holiday season. With sweet potatoes taking center stage, you’ll love this hit from Naturally Ella.

17. Chopped Fruit

Winter Chopped Salad Recipe

For something light and easy, check out this chopped fruit salad from Market Mondays. Persimmons, apples, pears and pomegranates create a sweet, punchy flavors.

18. Kale & Sprouts

Kale and Brussels Winter SaladWhat makes this such a great combination is the maple tahini dressing that tops this green salad off! Visit Cookie + Kate to snag the recipe and learn how to create it at home.

19. Cauliflower & Hazelnuts

Cauliflowers and Hazelnut Salad Recipe

Here’s another unique salad combination you may not think of otherwise – but it’s truly a great recipe to spruce up the winter eats. Love and Lemons combines roasted cauliflowers and hazelnuts in this masterpiece.

20. Shaved Broccoli

Shaved Broccoli Winter Salad Recipe

Taste Love and Nourish takes the idea of a springtime, popular broccoli salad and spins it on its head a bit to get a more winterized version. Follow the recipe and grab some cranberries to get started!

21. Kale, Cabbage & Carrot

Kale Cabbage Carrot Winter Salad Recipe

Here’s another Asian-inspired winter salad but this time it’s from Gourmande. Visit and see what happens when you combine kale, cabbage and carrot!

22. Kale & Pink Grapefruit

Kale and Pink Grapefruit Winter Salad RecipeIf you’re a fan of pink grapefruit than look no further than this light treat for the colder months. Bon Appetit has all the details on how to make this in your own kitchen.

23. Quinoa For A Crowd

Quinoa Salad Winter Recipe

If you’re having trouble figuring out what to bring to the holiday potluck than look no further than this “quinoa salad for a crowd” over at The Vintage Mixer.

24. Walnuts, Apples & Parmesan-Anchovy Dressing

Walnuts Apple Winter Salad Recipe

Check out this unique mix of walnuts, apples and yes … Parmesan-anchovy dressing to top off the entire concoction. Visit Serious Eats for all the details and directions.

25. Beet, Goat Cheese And Egg

Beet Egg Winter Salad Recipe

Serious Eats has created a salad that gives you the best of both worlds. It combines the heartiness of winter meals with the lightness of classic salads.

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