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22 Unique DIY Home Office Ideas

Whether you’re home office is a place of work or imaginative creation, organization and a bit of style can and will go a long way. We’ve compiled 22 unique DIY home offices ideas that will infuse personality and extra fashion-forward appeal in a variety of fun ways. Let’s have a peek and explore all of the ways you can put get your hands working to create functional decor in and around your home.

1. Gold Desk Organizer

DIY Gold Desk Oranigzer

Check out this desk holder inspired by a much more expensive piece from Anthropologie. View From the Fridge show us how to make it for around $3 and with very few steps!

2. Wall Hanging Planters

DIY Hanging Planters

A Beautiful Mess made these gorgeous hanging planters and we think they’d be a unique addition to any home office. Breathe life back into your home with the addition of a bit of green but made in a stylish way.

3. Wooden Wall Art

Wooden Wall Art DIY

We’re swooning for these easy wooden art palettes from PopSugar. All you need are some paint and felt to get these pieces pop with personality and pizzazz!

4. Colorblocked Coffee Table Tray

DIY Colorblock Coffee Table Tray

Spruce up one of the coffee tables or sidecarts in the office with this idea from Domino. You can do it in any color you need to blend in with your space and even add some sparkle or metallic for an extra pop!

5. Gold Leaf Mousepad

DIY Gold Leaf Mousepad

How can you not love the charm and ease of these mousepad DIY. Lovely Indeed shows us how to create this perfect office accessory in no time flat!

6. Fish Scale Art

DIY Fishscale ArtYou Are My Fave made these gorgeous fish scale art pieces out of cardstock! And how wonderful would these look on the bookshelf or desk in your home office for that perfect pop of color and texture?

7. Washi Frames

DIY Washi Tape Wall Frames

Here’s a unique way to frame your photos on the wall! Washi tape (and pom-poms too) can really make a difference and shine inside your home office. Thanks for the idea Brit + Co!

8. Tassel Garland

DIY Tassel Garland

Make your desk area or computer spot look a little bit brighter and more fun with the addition of some tassel garland. You can learn how to DIY some of your own over at HGTV.

9. Striped Mousepad

DIY Gold Tape Mousepad

Here’s another great mousepad project that takes an ordinary, office necessity and gives it an easy and complete makeover. Hop on over to Homey Oh My and learn how to make it yourself!

10. Catch-All Wall Pockets

DIY Catch All Wall Pockets

We’ve fallen completely in love with these leather, catch-all pockets from The Jungalow. Great for to-do lists, mail and all of the other odds and ends an office can bring!

11. Painted Berry Baskets

DIY Painted Berry Baskets

Here’s a great idea from Lovely Indeed, who took berry baskets, gave them a makeover and then turn them into functional pieces for the office. Use them to organize and separate!

12. Fabric Bookends

DIY Fabric Pryamid Bookends

How does building your own bookends sound to you? Design Sponge shows us how to not only make them but make ones with a unique style that you wouldn’t expect; those made of out fabric!

13. Mason Jar Organizer

DIY Mason Jar Desk OrganizerIf you love a bit of country or vintage feels in your decor then why not create something similar to this idea from The Country Chic Cottage . And then you’ll have something super easy and functional to organize with.

14. Watercolor Art

DIY Watercolor Art

This small, simple watercolor print could really make a big different in any nook or cranny of your home office. Follow the inspiration over to Kids Stuff World.

15. Washi Tape Keyboard

DIY Washi Tape Keyboard

Brit + Co shows us how to bring some needed style to the keyboard! With just a bit of washi tape you can truly transform a part of your office that’s completely unexpected.

16. Copper Pencil Holder

DIY Copper Pencil Holder

A Fabulous Fete shows us how to take a pencil holder to an entirely different level as well. Using copper pipes you can have a super fashionable new piece for your desk!

17. Duct Tape Drawer Organizer

DIY Duct Tape Drawer ORganizer

Who would have known how handy duct tape can be when it comes to both function and style? Take Lovely On A Budget’s advice and use it to create some snazzy organizational drawers.

18. Sharpie Painted Pencils

DIY Sharpie Painted Pencils

Why not jazz up your pencils too? With some Sharpie markers you can add some much-needed personality to some of the tools you use everyday. Thanks for the idea PopSugar!

19. Clipboard Wall Art

DIY Clipboard Wall Art

This is the perfect kind of art that can blend and transform a home office. You can easily personalize, motivate and style a space with this unique idea from Craft-o-Maniac.

20. Golden Dipped Coffee Mug

DIY Gold Dipped Mug

Poppytalk gives an easy and adorable idea on how to make those coffee breaks a bit more stylish in the office. Use this mug exclusively for when you need a pick-me-up inside.

21. Embroidery Hoop Bulletin Board

DIY Embroidery Hoop Bulletin Board

Create a bulletin board that’s full of life and you can easily personalize to your liking. My Fabuless Life will show you the easy ins and outs of making this yourself, right at home!

22. Golden Wire Bin

DIY Golden Trash CanMer Mag shows us how to turn run-of-the-mill office supplies into something a bit more magical. Even wire trash bins can get a bit of a makeover and pop!

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