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Uniquely Delicious Hot Cocoa Recipes

We’ll be fully honest with you; we’re guilty of drinking hot chocolate and hot cocoas of all kinds all year round, no matter the season. Sometimes you get from from a long, hard day at work and you just need some liquid chocolate, you know? Even so, novelty flavoured hot chocolates are still one of our very favourite parts of fall and the holiday season. Even if there’s no snow on the ground where you live just yet (or ever), it’s still a huge part of the holiday spirit to make yourself a delicious warm mug of hot chocolate. Like we always say, however, putting a new spin on your favourite classics is all part of the fun!

Check out these 15 delicious hot choclate recipes that you simply must try out these season!

1. Snowman soup

Snowman soup

Absolutely everything about this hot chocolate recipe has us laughing and excited to try it. Besides the funny name, we can’t get over how cute the cocoa looks topped with marshmallows, sprinkles, a wafer “pipe”, and candied snowman features like the kind you’d put on top of a cupcake. The whole thing looks like a chilly little snowman jumped onto your warm, full mug and melted in contentment. Check out how it’s made on B-Inspired Mama.

2. Fluffer Nutter hot chocolate

Fluffer nutter hot chocolate

Always Order Dessert guides you through the process of making the kind of deluxe hot chocolate recipe that literally has it all. Besides the cocoa itself, this particular kind of hot chocolate features a cinnamon stick, Fluffer Nutter spread mixed in for extra sweetness, peanuts sprinkled on top for additional “nutter”, and a squirt of real whipped cream to top it all off! What more could we ask for?

3. Whipped vanilla white hot chocolate

Whippe vanilla white hot chocolate

Maybe you’re not actually the biggest dark or milk chocolate fan in the world? Don’t worry, you’re safe to admit it here! Just because regular hot chocolate is too rich for you doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a hot mug of cocoa this winter. Always Order Dessert has the perfect recipe for you! It’s a whipped white hot chocolate made with vanilla flavours and topped with a cheery and perhaps just a couple of dark chocolate shavings for a little bit of a contrasting taste, if that pleases you. You could replace those with white chocolate shavings instead!

4. Aztec hot chocolate

Aztec hot chocolate

If you’ve never heard of or tried Aztec hot chocolate, you are missing out on a whole world of flavour. As far as cocoas go, it’s one of the most unique tastes around! This classic recipe involves healthy doses of chocolate, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper for a spicy kick that you won’t find elsewhere. Top it off with big marshmallow chunks and voila! A Beautiful Mess shows you the best way to get it done perfectly.

5. Eggnog Mexican hot chocolate

Eggnog mexican hot chocolate

Mexican hot chocolate is made in essentially the same way as Aztec hot chocolate, with the exception that some people put less cinnamon in it and concentrate more on that unique, spicy cayenne pepper element. This particular recipe by Lauren’s Latest, however, has another way for you to fancy up the idea! Instead of mixing their chocolate with regular warmed milk, they’ve used eggnog. Talk about a holiday taste!

6. Cardamom hot chocolate

Cardamom hot chocolate

While we’re talking about hot chocolate recipes that involve spices, why not consider a unique flavour that’s spiced but not spicy? If that sounds like just what you needed then you simply must check out these recipe from All Spice and Nutmeg! They’ve used cardamom to add a little extra flavour to the classically rich chocolate recipe. We’ve made this type of cocoa for ourselves in real life and we can assure you it’s more than worth it.

7. Vegan Chai hot chocolate

Vegan chai hot chocolate

Have you been looking at this whole list with your mouth watering, but you’ve been waiting for at least one recipe that’s free of dairy and other animal products? Well, here it is! Besides being vegan, this fantastically flavoruful cocoa recipe from Fit Foodie Finds features a fragrant Chai element that gives you more than one delicious holiday flavour all together in one mug.

8. Pumpkin spice hot chocolate

Pumpkin spice hot chocolate

Are you a total sucker for a good pumpkin spice latte but you’re trying to cut down on the caffeine? Perhaps your kids loved the smell of your PSL every time you come home with one and beg you for a taste but you still think they’re too young for coffee based drinks? Then this delicious pumpkin spice cocoa recipe is exactly what you need! No. 2 Pencil guides you through the process of making a coffee free hot chocolate version of everyone’s favourite fall flavoured hot drink trend.

9. Raspberry hot chocolate

Raspberry hot chocolate

erhaps your idea of the greatest sweet flavour in the world isn’t actually one quite as rich as some of these intensely chocolatey cocoas? Maybe you’re more of a fruit flavoured person because the fresh taste of anything fruity hearkens back to summer and warmer days? Then we think you’ll appreciate this unique and absolutely delicious raspberry hot chocolate recipe from Sweet C’s Designs! It’s certainly still sweet and scrumptious, just like the rest of the drinks on this list, but it’s a treat that lets you deviate a little from the classic chocolate theme.

10. Salted caramel hot chocolate

Salted caramel hot chocolate

Do you like your chocolate best when it comes with at least a hint of salty flavours to balance out the sweet? Then you’re in luck! This delicious cocoa recipe from Sugar Hero combines not just chocolate and a bit of salted goodness, but hints of caramel as well! As if that’s not mouthwatering enough, they’ve gone and topped it with a delicate swirl of whipped cream and some caramel drizzle. The result is perfection.

11. White fudge Oreo hot chocolate

White fudge oreo hot chocolate

Have we ever mentioned how much we absolutely adore novelty combination recipes that take several different delicious flavours and mash them together? Well, if we haven’t, then let us state our love for that now! This cocoa recipe from Sweet C’s Designs is the perfect example, perfectly blending the classic concept of hot cocoa with the rich but contrasting flavours of white fudge and Oreo cookies. The result is unique, flavourful, and as sweet as the day is long.

12. Orange Pisco hot chocolate

Orange pisco hot chocolate

Chocolate orange is a classic holiday flavour in many countries. Have you ever tried a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, banging it on the table to split the “slices” apart before you unwrap it and dig in? Well, if that’s your favourite Christmas treat then buckle up, because we’ve found you another way to enjoy that same great taste! This cocoa recipe from Serious Eats tastes just like a chocolate orange! Trust us- we truly and honestly made it for ourselves this morning to make sure. It’s tried and true!

13. Coconut tres leches hot chocolate

Coconut tres leches hot chocolate

Are you looking for a more gourmet style hot chocolate that you can make as a special winter treat for your someone special? Then you definitely need to check out this coconut tres leches hot chocolate recipe from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. First of all, anything involved “tres leches” is worth making if you love creamy, delicious flavours that feel like heaven on your tongue. Besides that, we’re always down for a recipe that incorporates coconut! It’s a flavour we like, but it also makes us feel ever so slightly tropical, even if the overall flavour is a thoroughly holiday one.

14. The hot choco-Colada

The hot choco colada

All of these cocoa recipes are delicious and worth trying, but we knew from the beginning that we just had to find you one that’s for the adults and not the kids. Technically you could add your favourite chocolate liqueur to any hot chocolate recipe and make it into an adult treat, but this one from Shugary Sweets was actually designed with holiday celebrations in mind! Spiced rum adds a deep flavour to the delicious chocolate and a whipped cream and topping with shredded coconut rimmer brings in the “colada” aspect for you.

15. Lemongrass-lavender white hot chocolate

Lemongrass lavender white hot chocolate

When you think “gourmet”, do you think less rich and sweet and more unique and uncommonly heard of but still mouthwatering? Then we’ve certainly found a recipe worth considering (and by “considering”, we really mean “making immediately). Rather than loading you up with rich chocolate flavour, this cocoa uses white hot chocolate as the base, with lemongrass and lavender for both flavour and fragrance. Serious Eats teaches you how to make it so you can enjoy both a sweet treat, a unique flavour experience, and a relaxing holiday sensation all at once.

Do you know someone who loves making special cocoa and hot chocolate recipes as often as they can during the holiday season? Share this post with them for a little bit of sweet inspiration!

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