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25 Garage Storage Ideas That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Are you tired of running out to the garage and finding piles and piles of … stuff? Instead of being greeted by chaos and the surprise of what you might find, get to work on a bit of organization! These 25 garage storage ideas will make your life so much easier and you can get it all done in a weekend. Check it out below!

1. Pegboard Wall

Diy pegboard wall

A Beautiful Mess shows us how a simple pegboard can clean up and declutter. Put all your tools and have-tools right at an arm’s reach!

2. Jumbo Tape Dispenser

Diy jumbo tape dispenser

Check out this awesome idea that’s super easy to put together. Duck tape, packing tape, painter’s tape … all the tape can fit right in! (via)

3. Sliding Ceiling Storage

Diy sliding ceiling storage

Family Handyman gives us a unique and chic idea for getting all those bins off the ground. Use your ceiling as an extra bit of storage space!

4. Easy Shelving

Diy garage shelving

Hop on over to Ana White and learn how to make this economically savvy garage shelving. It’ll help out tremendously!

5. PVC Garden Tool Storage

Barn garage walls and ceiling newlywoodwards04