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Bright, Delicious Dessert Salads for Warm Weather

When you think of the word “salad”, you’re probably thinking of leafy greens, vegetables, and savoury dressings. You might even think of beans, potatoes, or macaroni. Salads usually involve healthy things like vegetables… right?

Not always! Dessert salads are a great treat as the warm weather gets closer. They make the perfect side dish for any summer picnic or dinner on the patio. They’re often made of whipped cream, fruit, marshmallows, or sometimes even chocolate.

Check out these delicious dessert salad recipes you won’t be able to get enough of!

1. Raspberry vanilla jello salad

Raspberry vanilla jello salad

Jello amps up the fruit flavour from the strawberries while the creamy base brings the sweetness!(Source: Butter With a Side of Bread)

2. Mandarin cheesecake salad

Mandarin cheesecake salad

Who wouldn’t want to eat a salad made with cheesecake pudding? The mandarins balance the sweetness out with a bit of tart just perfectly.(Source: Eat at Home Cooks)

3. Creamy tropical fruit salad

Creamy topical fruit salad

Tropical fruit, cream, and condensed milk are common ingredients in sweet dessert salads, but this Pinoy recipe adds kernels of corn to make it a true Pinoy dish.(Source: Pinoy Cravings)

4. Orange sherbert salad

Orange sherbert salad

This blended dessert uses the madarins and the mandarin juice to give you something a little extra citrus and sweet.(Source: All Recipes)

5. Light and lemony fruit salad

Light and lemony fruit salad

Creamy fruit salads don’t always have to make you feel heavy and overly full. This light recipe is made with a hint of lemon to keep you refreshed.(Source: Food.com)

6. Creamy grape salad

Creamy grape salad

Not everyone is into the very citrus taste of tropical fruit. You can make a delicious dessert salad using grapes instead for a less overpowering flavour!(Source: Slice and Dice)

7. Strawberry delight dessert salad

Strawberry delight

Jello, fruit cocktail, and mini marshmallows help you whip up this deliciously creamy strawberry creation.(Source: All Recipes)

8. Pistachio dessert salad

Pistachio dessert salad

This recipe takes a few simple mixing steps, but marshmallows, Cool Whip, crushed pineapple, and pistachios are all you’ll need!(Source: Mom on Time Out)

8. Creamy “5 cup” salad

Creamy 5 cup fruit salad

The chunks of apple and shreds of coconut are what truly make a 5 cup salad!(Source: Mel’s Kitchen)

9. Snickers salad

Snickers salad

Yes, you read that right. We do, in fact, mean Snickers like the chocolate bar. Sweet treats combined with fruit taste like a delicacy!(Source: Yummly)

10. Red, white, and blue dessert salad

Red white and blue whipped salad

Strategically choosing blue and red fruits and resting them on beds of creamy white Cool Whip gets you a patriotic effect that’s perfect for Independence day!(Source: Taste of Home)

11. Snickers caramel apple salad

Snickers caramel apple salad

We’ll just leave this amazingly sweet recipe here for you in case the original Snickers salad recipe wasn’t quite enough for you.(Source: Chef in Training)

12. Never ending dessert salad

Neverending dessert salad

Coconut and pineapple make sense in a combination, but have you ever thought of adding chopped pecans to balance sweet with savoury?(Source: Food.com)

13. Pasta fruit salad

Paste fruit salad

In you’d like your dessert salad to have a little more substance and filling power than just fruit and cream, here’s a sweet recipe involving pasta noodles!(Source: Kawaling Pinoy)

14. Seeds and nuts dessert salad

Nuts seeds and fruit dessert salad

Dessert salads are delicious and sweet, but they don’t have to be overwhelmingly sweet. Consider skipping some of the other sugary ingredients for nuts, seeds, and raisins!(Source: Bon Apetit)

15. Frog eye salad

Frog eye salad

Frog eye salad might be the king of dessert salads. It’s got every tropical fruit and a creamy base that you won’t be able to get enough of.(Source: Delish)

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