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15 Different Ways To Decorate With Succulents Around the House

If you’re looking to infuse some greens into the home, then look no further than in the direction of the succulent. Low-maintenance and stunning year round, these plants are the perfect accompaniment to any nook or cranny that needs a breath of fresh air. We’ve collected 15 different ways to decorate with succulents around the house and inspire your seasonal sprucing. Take a peek below!

1. Succulent + Copper Foyer Scheme

Succulent style in the foyer

Sandy A La Mode shows off a clean and crisp foyer or dresser scene. White potted succulents paired with copper accents makes for a nice, year round addition to the home. For those looking for a modern blend with nature, this is a great route to take.

2. Cottage Kitchen Potting

Cottage succulent kitchen decor

A bit of cottage-esque vibes can be found in this kitchen nook. We found this peak while visiting our friends at A Little Tipsy and we fell in love. Grab your classic pitchers and use them as a place to pot your succulents and decorate your farmhouse spaces.

3. Rustic Log Planter

Succulents planted in a log diy

Grab a log and start working on this fabulous DIY from HGTV.com. We love the blending of textures in this finished project and we love how it can grace your dining room table in a way that sprucing it up for family meals but also with a breath of fresh air. Take the leap and check out how to conjure this up by the weekend.

4. Shadow Boxing

Succulent shadow box decor diy

Succulents in shadowboxes are nice too and incredibly easy to recreate. Pretty Providence will walk you through the process. But we love this decor piece to top off a home office or vanity space.

5. A Full, Textural Wreath

A succulent wreath on a yellow door

If you’re looking for a larger project and one with a richer finish, then check out this full succulent wreath from Succulents and Sunshine. It’s a DIY project and it’s one that would be a beautiful addition to any door that welcomes guests to your home. Spring and summertime could using this icing on the season.

6. Tabletop Terrarium

Succulent terrarium diy

Terrariums are a really fun project to dive into and even more so because you can personalize and infuse your own style within them. At DIY Network, you can learn how to include succulents in those designs and then line your tabletops with its textural, natural scene.

7. Pine Cone Pots

Hanging pine cone succulent planter horizontal

The Inspired Home And Garden used pine cones as their succulent pots. This too mixes nature’s best textures and makes for a fun way to decorate your outdoor spaces. If you’re looking for spring or summertime projects, this one is one of our favorites.

8. Mini Glass Jars

Mini mason jar succulent plants

Glass jars and mugs are a fun way to style your succulents as well. In fact, we snagged this modern idea while visiting the contemporary spirits at Styling Your 4 Walls. It’s really easy to pull-off, even for the most novice of crafters and one that won’t take any time to plan as well.

9. Small Painted Pottery

Painted pottery pots for succulents diy

Over at tifforelie traditional pots were grabbed and then taken to a new level. A bit of paint can easily take your traditional clay to new-and-improved contemporary pieces for the home. Then, fill them with succulents, and dress nooks and crannies with the finished product – whether that’s the foyer, kitchen, or even the sunroom.

10. Front Porch Medley

Front porch succulent medley bouquet

We’re loving this medley of plants that Modern Glam used to top off their front porch. A variety of textures makes for a richer and more interesting design. It’s also a nice way to welcome guests and family into the home.

11. Peek-A-Boo Windowsill

Tiny succulent decorating in kitchen

How charming are these tiny succulents adorning the windowsill at Harper and Harley. This is a great way to add life to the kitchen space but also a great way to bring in bouts of detail and personalization to guest areas such as bedrooms and powder rooms. And it takes no time at all to recreate this scene.

12. Blended With Antiques

Succulent vintage typewriter vase

Blend the modern trend of succulents with antiques from the past. We’re inspired by this bedroom scene found at The Windy Lilac. It’s a great way to add a bit of unique, personal styling to the home.

13. Wall Hangings

Tony hanging succulents

We found this beautiful scene while perusing Pinterest. You can both DIY your own potted wall hangings or be lucky enough to find them with an inexpensive price tag around the world of the Internet. Either way, this is a great way to decorate bland walls or spaces within a minimalist lover’s home.

14. Fall Pumpkin Vase

Succulent pumpkin centerpiece diy

Succulent pumpkin centerpiece diy

For those looking to bring their love of succulents into the fall, check out this DIY project at Sand and Sisal. Grab a pumpkin, empty it out, and turn it into a vase! Yes, a vase. The combination of textures is beautiful and it becomes a stunning centerpiece for the season.

15. Modern Coffee Table Scene

Modern succulent coffee table decor

And finally, we spotted this scene in this YouTube video and fell in love with its sexy, modern appeal. If you’re looking for ways to bring natural elements into your modern vision, this is a wonderful way to do that. Think crisp edges and contemporary lines when styling your tables.

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