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Cute Crafts Made With Cocktail Umbrellas

You probably already know how much fun it is to order a delicious, tropical cocktail and see a colorful little umbrella sticking cheerfully out of the top when it arrives at your table. Some people love cocktail umbrellas so much that they even buy them at home for when they make their guests drinks at dinner parties. They’re a fun, whimsical little addition to any beverage, alcoholic or otherwise. If you’re a crafty person like us, however, you’ve probably already also thought about how many different DIY projects you could use those little umbrellas for.

Check out these 15 awesome ways to use cocktail umbrellas for all kinds of creative projects beyond just making yourself a fun summer drink!

1. Cocktail umbrella lantern

Cocktail umbrella lantern

Anna Halsey suggests making an amazingly colourful sphere shaped lantern that will let the light shine through the tissue paper of each umbrella, creating a rainbow glow. We love this idea for inside the house near a home bar or outside on the porch on hot summer nights.

2. Cocktail umbrella glasses

Cocktail umbrella glasses

Are you a huge fan of decoupage? Well, cocktail umbrellas are a useful tool for that too! Jazz up a set of drinking glasses in a way that looks even more fun and tropical than the classic single umbrella look by detaching the tops and pasting them to the surface of the glass, just like Pom Pom Emporium did here.

3 . Cocktail umbrella bra

Cocktail umbrella bra

Are you a fashion lover who’s up for a bit of a challenge? Why not consider taking your Hawaiian luau costume to the next level? We absolutely adore this coconut bra alternative by Soroptimist Glendale made from the colourful tops of cocktail umbrellas to contrast with a grass skirt!

4. Cocktail umbrella mobile

Cocktail umbrella mobile

KissofNirvana suggests adding a subtle splash of colour and summer to your room’s aesthetic by transforming little cocktail umbrellas into a hanging mobile. You’ll love how whimsical it looks when they twirl if you open the window.

5. Cocktail umbrella decor tree

Cocktail umbrella decor tree

Do you love the idea of decorative trees on more days of the year than just Christmas? For example, some people like to brighten up their home with Easter trees or photo memory trees. Well, Craftster has a fun summertime idea for you too! Check out this adorable cocktail umbrella tree that makes the little umbrella tops look like bright flowers on each branch.

6. Cocktail umbrella paper flowers

Cocktail umbrella paper flowers

Do you like the idea of making cocktail umbrella tops look like flowers, but you’re not sure decorative trees quite fit your space? Skip the branches and try making a cute little paper flower bouquet from the umbrellas instead, just like this colourful blossom on Pinterest.

7. Cocktail umbrella desk lantern

Cocktail umbrella desk lantern

A large orb lantern is a great decor idea for some homes, but not everyone has the space or style for such a statement piece. If you like the idea of making a glowing lamp from the umbrellas but you’re not sure the sphere is the plan for you, check out these cute cocktail umbrella table lamp design by HGTV instead!

8. Cocktail umbrella “wallpaper”

Cocktail umbrella %22wallpaper%22

Do you love innovative wall art and textured decor? Then you’ll probably love this cocktail umbrella “wallpaper” idea from Apartment Therapy! It’s cheerfully coloruful, makes the space feel like summer all year round, and certainly adds personality to the room.

9. Cocktail umbrella door wreath

Cocktail umbrella door wreath

The beauty of working with cocktail umbrellas is that they’re structured and adjustable, making them the perfect tools for a little bit of 3D art. This summery door wreath by Life With My Pollitos, for example, takes advantage of all the different angles you can make the umbrellas stand at.

10. Cocktail umbrella lampshade

Cocktail umbrella lampshade

Are you still looking for a cocktail umbrella lighting option that works for you, but you just aren’t feeling the two we’ve already included on our list? Well, just in case, here’s one more! This lampshade idea from Uncommon Goods is awesomely simple and kitschy.

11. Cocktail umbrella coral reef

Cocktail umbrella coral reef

Perhaps mutli-medium art made from unconventional materials is more your style? If so, then your options for making 3D scenes and pieces from cocktail umbrellas are practically unlimited. Check out this stunning coral reef by Reef Builders for a little bit of inspiration!

12. Scrapbooking paper cocktail umbrellas

Scrapbooking paper cocktail umbrellas

Maybe you love cocktail umbrellas so much that you’d like to try and make your own to match the party decor or colour scheme you already have? Accent the Party guides you through the process of making them out of pretty scrapbooking paper!

13. Cocktail umbrella dome lamp cover

Cocktail umbrella dome lamp cover

We figured it couldn’t hurt to throw in one more lighting option, right? We love how mod and colourful this umbrella covered dome lamp shade by Web Ecoist looks. Can’t you just picture it hanging above the kitchen table?

14. Cocktail umbrella Christmas ornaments

Cocktail umbrella christmas ornaments

Does your family prefer to celebrate Christmas with a tropical vacation each year, rather than having a white Christmas at home? Get into the sunny feel of things before you board the plane by decorating your tree with Christmas bobbles made from cocktail umbrellas rather than classic Christmas ornaments. Tipsy Cones shows you how it’s done!

15. Framed cocktail umbrella art

Framed cocktail umbrella art

Maybe you’re looking for a small framed piece to brighten up the office on a chilly day or contrast a neutral space with just a pop of colour? We love this cocktail umbrella decoupage set into a deep frame. Check it out on The Bean Sprout Notes.

Do you know someone who adores cocktail umbrellas and never sips a drink without at least one sticking out the top of their glass? Share this post with them so they can learn how to use their umbrellas in other creative ways too!