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DIY Custom Name Tags for Work

In both the social and professional worlds, there are plenty of occasions that call for name tags. Maybe you’re having a baby shower where friends and extended family members from out of town haven’t met yet, or perhaps you’re organizing a work conference where staff from different branches will be meeting for the first time. Either way, giving everyone a name tag can take away the awkward business of people who are about to spend a few hours together trying to remember each other’s names. Do you know what’s better than those tacky “Hello, my name is…” labels from a store bought sticky roll, though? The answer is always something you made yourself, of course!

Check out these 15 unique and super fun ways to make alternative name tags that your friends, family, or colleagues actually won’t mind wearing!

1. Gold dipped hexagons

Gold dipped hexagons

Oh So Beautiful Paper guides you through the process of making hexagonal name tags that look modern in shape, cute in colour, and super glam thanks to the gold leaf effect you’ll learn how to create in the tutorial! Write each person’s name in nice, bold marker right above the gold paint so the shine highlights it for people to see nice and clearly.

2. Stamped glitter paper tags

Stamped glitter paper tags

If you ask us, there’s never a bad time for glitter, even at a professional event! These adorable little tags look almost like award ribbons, but with a chich patterned twist. Check out how they’re made on Sarah Hearrts.

3. Standing cork name tags

Standing cork name tags

Would you rather make everyone name tags that will sit by their place setting or meeting seat rather than ones that they wear? You can still make everyone tags that have some personality! We love this cork and card idea from Morning Creativity and we think handwriting the names like this adds a personal touch that keeps things friendly.

4. Leaf name tag

Leaf name tag

Is the event you’re holding in the spring, or out in a beautiful, warm garden? Mark peoples dinner plates, chairs, or meeting seats with a bright, fresh looking green leaf, just like Vicky Barone did! Gel or paint markers will write on the surface of the leaf smoothly but they also won’t smudge off once the ink has dried.

5. Silhouette cut out name tags

Silhouette cut out name tags

Do you have a taste for more delicate things, rather than kitschy or trendy looking ones? Maybe you’d like a name tag style that looks a little more classy so it doesn’t take away from people’s fancy or formal outfits? Then check out this cursive cut out style from Monica Wants It. We’d almost be tempted to just wear one of these as a pretty brooch if having your own name on your accessories wasn’t a little weird!

6. Cupcake liner name tags

Cupcake liner name tags

Are you the kind of crafter who just can’t resist making your projects out of materials you already have? Well, reach into your baking closet and try out this cupcake liner name tag idea by Me and My Insanity! We think these would be perfect for a baby shower or birthday event where not all the guests have met each other yet, because they just look so festive!

7. Bunting name tags

Bunting name tags

Are you making name tags for a big party that you’re throwing and you’d like to keep things decorative and fun right down to the smallest detail? Try making bunting name tags that will match the party bunting on the walls! Check out how they’re made on Frolic!

8. Button and toothpick flags

Button and toothpick flags

In the category of more cute tabletop name tags, we present to you: these adorable button flags! Choose some brightly coloured buttons, poke a toothpick through one hole, and wrap little paper flags with each person’s name around the top. Morning Creativity shows you the steps for making them.

9. Gold fringe and calligraphy

Gold fringe and calligraphy

Edyta suggests making name tag strings that let each person grab their tag to put on when they walk in the door! We love that these ones are so sparkly that they almost look like part of the event decor rather than just a name tag! Ten points for fun, sparkly fringe.

10. Chalkboard tags

Chalkboard tags

Okay, we’ll admit it- we’ve been pretty obsessed with chalkboard paint and chalk paint markers lately. If there’s ever an opportunity to use them in a crafting project, we’ll take it! Naturally, we found a way to sneak them into this list too. Check out these chalkboard style name tags by Junghwa!

11. Glitter feather necklace names

Glitter feather necklace names

If you’re looking for something really different and a lot more trendy, we definitely think you should check out this idea from Kayla Aimee! Instead of having your guests just wear regular tags pinned to their shirts, try making them necklaces featuring a glittered leather feather with their name written neatly. Add a few beads for extra style!

12. Ribbon and paper tags

Ribbon and paper tags

Remember when we said the glitter ribbons above looked a little bit like award ribbons? Well, just in case you were kind of into that idea, here’s an actual design that’s meant to look like your guests each won a prize! See how they’re made on Brides.

13. Water colour paper tags

Water colour paper tags

Are you looking to get more than just a little crafty with your DIY name tags? Then take a look at this Pinterest suggestion that, when they’re finished, will look straight up artistic! These are the perfect option for artists who enjoy water colour painting (or crafters who just want to give it a try).

14. Rosemary sprigs

Rosemary sprigs

We’re big fans of rosemary for how it looks, tastes, and smells. That makes it the perfect option for an unconventional name tag! Your guests will definitely find these name tags unique when they see that there’s a real plant attached to the top. Check them out on Spoon, Fork, Bacon!

15. Clothes pin stars

Clothes pin stars

Clothes pin name tags are handy because you and your guests can clip them in different places throughout the event. Try attaching them to a shirt pocket, the edge of a glass, or a napkin at each person’s place setting. You could choose any shape you want, but we sure think the stars are cute! See how they’re made on Avec Ses 10 Ptits Doights.

Do you know someone who organizes events regularly and might love some help with name tag ideas? Share this post with them to give them a hand!

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