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DIY Cupcake Liner Garland

If you’re looking for last-minute decorations to hang for Thanksgiving, check out this cupcake liner garland.  It’s super easy, fun and whimsical for the holiday season.  Gone are the days of solid color cupcake liners.  You can now buy them in different colors and designs and use them not just for cupcakes, but other cute DIY projects.

Cupcake liner garland

Cupcake liner garland materials

You can purchase these cupcake liners from your local craft store.  Typically in the cake baking or decorating section, they will sell a variety of cupcake liners with different holiday designs.  All you need is a little bit of twine and a pointed object to poke a hole.  Here, I have used a safety pin.  You can use yarn, or any other type of string to hold the liners.  Another option is to thread twine through an embroidery needle.

Cupcake liner garland step 1

This project is very simple.  Poke a hole in the center of the cupcake liner and thread the yarn through.  Make sure you gently attach each liner as they are very fragile, and as you are stringing them, be careful not to bend or fold the liner paper so it keeps it doesn’t lose its shape.

Cupcake liner garland rope

You can create a fuller effect by alternating the way the liners face on the twine: back to back, front to front.  If they’re all facing the same way, they’ll be too condensed, not to mention you’ll end up stringing the liners for a long time to get the perfect length.  Feel free to string as far as you need with the garland.

Cupcake liner garland diy

And that’s it!  You should have a long piece of garland to hang on your fireplace, or to use for a kid’s fall birthday party.  This is a great craft for kids (just choose a not-so-sharp hole punch) to make as a Thanksgiving Day decoration.  Depending on how long you want it, this project could take only a few minutes or a whopping few hours to complete.  Put on a good movie while you craft it and it will be done in no time.  These liners are a cute, whimsical way of adding a little bit of Thanksgiving fun to your home during the holiday season.

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