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DIY Crystal Backpack

As we prepare for fall, backpacks have become very  common so much that you may not want to be the next person sporting that same bag. You know they all come bare with a buckle or two. Good news is that we can definitely try something with it. In fact, this is a good chance for any of us to get our creative juices flowing. There a million things you could possibly try such as cover it with lace, use some studs or pearls as embellishments or even paint. But I wanted to use these rainbow color crystals. To add my flavorful twist I painted them in shades of pastels that I am very much fond of and the rest is history.Diy crystal backpackThe hustle was not much about the colors but the design, I took this slow and decided to reorder them as many times as possible and voila this last peacock feather inspired lay out suited this backpack well and I couldn’t be happier. Scroll down to the end to know where I got this backpack from and how I made this.Diy pastel gemstone backpack materials


  • Pastel crystals
  • Paint / nail polish
  • Pink Backpack
  • E6000 glue
  • Brush


Since we want our gems to be pastel in color we will mix a few primary colors with white to make pastel ones again as you would have known from my previous posts I like to make my own colors for best results. Start painting the gems with your color of choice. My backpack is pink in color and blue looked the best with it which is why it is the most used color. Now comes to getting creative with your gems. As I mentioned earlier I spent a couple days trying them out before ultimately choosing this design that is somewhat inspired of the peacocks’ feathers. Originally not in the plan but I did slid in a few gemstone and that makes it whole and don’t have to feel bad for painting them all.After you have settled down for your design, align them on your backpack and glue them down one by one with the strongest glue available, I used E6000. Let it cure for a day or two before use so to make sure that it adheres well.Diy pastel gemstone backpack steps 1Diy pastel gemstone backpack steps 2I won’t lie I am really excited to wear this backpack for just about any occasion. Oh! And of course if you were thinking of embellishing your purse with these gemstones or anything else go ahead and give it a try. You can also skip straight to gluing the gemstones  to the backpack if you were lucky to find pastels ones.Diy pastel gemstone backpack craftDiy pastel gemstone backpack projectDiy pastel gemstone backpack ready for schoolDo let us know if you like this crystal backpack and if you would try for yourself.

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