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18 Crochet Pokemon Ideas That Will Hone Your Skills & Fandom

Pokemon is popular all over again. Thanks to the new Pokemon Go app, we’re seeing an influx of Pikachu and Squirtle fans like never before. And if you have some crocheting skills or want to practice a bit you can mix the trending games with an afternoon of crafting! These 18 crochet Pokemon ideas will hone your skills and your fandom! Get creative now!

1. Pikachu Hat

Diy pokemon crochet hat

Revelry has a free pattern for a Pikachu hat that we’re loving! Make this for a Pokemon-fan friend or yourself to wear this winter!

2. Jigglypuff

Diy jiggypuff crochet project

If you’re a big fan of this adorable, pink Jiggypuff, then you want to check out this free pattern. Start taking your crocheting skills to the next level with this one! (via)

3. Diglett

Diglett diy crochet pattern

Revelry has this free pattern on their site as well. For the ultimate fan, you’ll want to put your crocheting skills to the test and make some plushies!

4. Snorlax

Diy snorlax crochet

If Snorlax is one of your favorite, then check out the free pattern here and have a go at its creation. It’s one of the more simpler shapes to try out!

5. Pokeball

Diy pokeball crochet

Check out Ravelry if you want to make some Pokeballs! Start with this classic sign of the Pokemon game and begin your collection.

6. Kid’s Cowl

Diy crochet pokemon kids cowl

Your Pokemon-loving kiddos will love this addition to their closet. Make a cowl for the fall and winter months with help from Ravelry.

7. Headband

Pokemon headband

Midwestern Moms gives us a super adorable DIY gift idea. Of course, you could make this headband for yourself, but how special would this be for one of your Pokemon fan friends or family?

8. Scarf


Check out this Hooker Crochet pattern that we’re swooning for. Make a scarf for the little ones in your life and their current obsession with Pokemon Go.

9. Coasters

Crochet pokemon ball coasters

Midwestern Moms made these crocheted coasters too. Dress up the play room or man cave with these nostalgic cuties.

10. Mug Cozy

Pikachu inspired coffee mug tea cup cozy pokemon ish japanese cartoon crochet knit sleeve f83461

You may want to check out this adorable mug cozy for extra inspiration. Make one of these Pikachu covers and add some brightness to your morning coffee.

11. Charmander

Chamander diy crochet

Make a charmander to add to your collection. Grab the free pattern here and start your creation by the weekend.

12. Baby Bulbasaur

Baby bulbasaur with pattern by aphid777 d6sww43

Here’s another free pattern for a Pokemon favorite. Baby Bulbasaur can come to life right in front of your life just by visiting here.

13. Caterpie

Caterpie crochet pattern

Who likes Caterpie? Visit here and snag the free pattern for this little guy. Then grab your phone and go catch a local for your personal game!

14. Bellossom

Bellossom amigurumi 2

Bellossom brings a smile to everyone’s face, whether you’re a Pokemon fan or not. And Sabrina’s Crochet has all the details you need.

15. Fennekin

Fennekin diy crochet

And some of you may be Fennekin fans, and if that’s the case, you’ll want to hop on over and snag this pattern. Start crocheting as a part of your collection now!

16. Gloom

Diy gloom crochet

You can even make Gloom! Check out the instructions here and get to work creating your own. You could even make a couple of the characters and use them as a DIY gift surprise!

17. Zubat

Zubat crochet diy

Here you’ll fine the pattern for a Zubat. It’s just another great way to expand your Pokemon plushie collection and test your crocheting skills.

18. Pokeball Hat

Pokeball hat crochet diy

Visit Ravelry just one more time and snag this great DIY idea too. Create a Pokeball hat for your or your Pokemon go teammate!

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