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Crochet Lace Sweaters That Will Make People Say “Oooo”!

Few handmade things are as impressive looking as crocheted lace. It’s a difficult skill to learn, but the more you master lace crochet, the more your friends won’t be able to believe the gorgeous things you’re capable or creating. The intricacy of crocheted lace patterns makes for gorgeous projects of all kinds, but one of the best ways to display your skills is to wear a hand crocheted lace sweater!

Check out these lace sweater crochet patterns that look very difficult but aren’t so hard to learn with a little practice.

1. Sophisticated lace sweater

Sophisticated lace sweater

Between the gorgeous leaf pattern on the bust and the pretty, loose three-quarter sleeves, this sweater looks every bit as sophisticated as its name claims!(Source: Crochet Sweaters)

2. Embroidered lace tunic

Emroidered lace tunic

This pattern is written in Russian, but Google Translate will take care of that for you! The tutorial features helpful charts that you can read no matter what language you speak. Figuring those charts out is worth making this stunning final product!(Source: Ya Masterica)

3. Hairpin lace cardigan

Hairpin lace cardigan

Some people find video tutorials more helpful than written ones. This gorgeous lace sweater is simple to make with instruction and features a unique ribbon tie around the middle.(Source: Ruby Stedman)

4. Japanese fan stitch sweater

Japanese fan stitch sweater

This gorgeous fan-shaped stitch looks decorative, delicate, and intricate all at once. The short sleeves make the pattern perfect for the summer.(Source: Interunet)

5. Diamond lace sweater

Diamond lace sweater

Whether you’re just learning how to lace crochet or you just prefer more simply stitched styles, this smooth diamond pattern is a pretty, more consistent look.(Source: Interunet)

6. Circular crochet cardigan

Circular crochet cardigan

This circular pattern makes for a gorgeously oversized sweater that drapes like a shawl, but with stylish sleeves. It’s perfect to wear over a summer dress.(Source: Crochet Sweaters)

7. Chevron lace cardigan

Chevron lace cardigan

Chevron is just one of those patterns that people everywhere love! You can incorporate it quite easily into a pretty lace pattern to make a sweater just like this one.(Source: The Zen of Making)

8. Lace t-shirt blouse

Lace tshirt blouse

Lace patterns are the perfect way to combine fancy and casual. T-shirts are comfortable and casual enough for everyday wear, but a crocheted lace pattern makes it nice enough for classier events!(Source: Crochet Sweaters)

9. Lace shrug sweater

Lace shrug sweater

Are you looking for something a little more unique than just your average lace sweater? Try this short little shrug with fun bell sleeves!(Source: A Piece of Crochet)

10. Collared circle lace sweater

Collared circle lace sweater

This beautiful circle sweater features not only a delicate lace pattern, but also an edging that forms a unique collar at the top as well!(Source: JoysinStitches)

11. Chunky crocheted lace sweater

Chunky crocheted lace sweater

Most people think of light yarns and delicate patterns when it comes to lace, but don’t forget about how amazing chunky lace sweaters are too!(Source: Lemonade Yarns)

12. Long lace tunic

Long lace tunic

This gorgeous tunic is the perfect opportunity to change up the look of one of your summer dresses. Place it under the lace and let the colours contrast!(Source: Crochet Sweaters)

13. Collared lace baby cardigan

Collared lace baby cardigan

This gorgeously fanned pattern is delicate enough to go well with pretty baby dresses for family dinners, christenings, or Sunday school.(Source: Little Slice of Life)

14. Lovely in lace baby sweater

Lovely in lace baby sweater

A neat, sleek pattern at the top of this cute sweater contrasts well with the standout pattern and ruffled edging around the bottom.(Source: Yarn and Fiber)

15. Advanced lace drawstring baby jacket

Advanced lace drawstring jacket

This pattern is more difficult than most, but it’s worth learning new techinques for! Between the coloured edging, the lacy pattern, and the drawstring middle, it’s got everything you’d want in a lace baby sweater.(Source: Kantri Woemin)

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