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15 Creatively Iced Sugar Cookie Designs and Recipes to Inspire You

When it comes to getting creative, we’ll fully admit that somethings our stomachs get the best of us and we choose to put our most artistic skills to use in the kitchen rather than on the knitting needles or our sewing machine, or perhaps the crafting table. We’re just such huge food lovers that sometimes getting crafting where meals and desserts are concerned is the most fun! Because we often talk about having such a sweet tooth, we’re sure it’ll come as no surprise to anyone reading this that cookies are one of our favourite things to make. Even though we adore cookies in all shapes, kinds, and flavours, we’ve gone through a bit of a sugar cookie obsession recently that has let us explore a whole range of new kinds that we’d never tried before, which is something we love doing (and which our family has quite enjoyed indeed, since it means they’ve had a nearly constant supply of sweet treats over the last few months). We’d only ever had classic sugar cookies as kids, so we had no idea just how many exciting kinds were out there!

Just in case you love sugar cookies as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the very best designs, ideas, flavours, and recipes we’ve come across so far in our delicious baking and taste testing mission.

1. The perfect sugar cookie

The perfect sugar cookie

Let’s start off with the basics; just in case you’ve actually never tried baking sugar cookies yourself from scratch but you’re interested in learning because you love their taste so much, here’s our favourite simple recipe for a classic tastes that hearkens back to happy childhood days! Try this “perfect” sugar cookie from The DIY Foodie out first so you’ve got a great base and then try getting creative and putting fun twists on the idea from there!

2. Lemon Greek yogurt sugar cookies

Lemon greek yogurt sugar cookies

Even before we started our delicious mission to try as many unique sugar cookie recipes as we possibly can, we already knew just how scrumptious adding a few drops of lemon to the mix can be. It’d the same texture and sweetness you love, but with a bit of a fresh tasting twist! When we found this recipe and tutorial from Dreaming in DIY, however, we were beyond excited to take the idea even further. Besides adding lemon to your cookie mix, they also show you how to make a deliciously creamy icing from Greek yogurt.

3. Paintable watercolour sugar cookies

Paintable watercolour sugar cookies

Are you actually the kind of artistic person who adores nothing more than combining your various creative skills together in one place? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to get along very well indeed with this fantastic hand painted cookie idea that, believe it or not, is actually hand painted! Momtastic guides you through the process of making a harder, fondant-like icing as your base and painting a delicate, sweet, and very colourful layer on top like you would with water colour paints.

4. Sprinkled swirl sugar cookies

Sprinkled swirl sugar cookies

If you’re going to get creative in the kitchen when it comes to baking, would you rather make something super brightly coloured and a little extra sweet that you just know your kids will go wild for? Then we have a feeling you’ll all get along very well indeed with this fantastically colourful spiralled sugar cookie design encrusted with rainbow sprinkles. Fab Art DIY shows you how to make it happen.

5. Marbled sugar cookies

Marbled sugar cookies