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Creative DIY Wallets

Your wallet is something that gets used nearly every day. It’s constantly be opened and closed and pulled in and out of your bag. The same probably goes for your coin purse too. Store bought wallets can be very cute and, in some places, totally affordable, but unless you’re willing to spend a little more, they’ll probably get a lot of wear and tear. Instead of always having to replace your wallet by buying a new one, have you ever thought of making your own?

Check out these 15 cute designs for DIY wallets that are fun to make and will reflect your own personality and style!

1. Storybook coin purse

Storybook coin purse

This adorable little snapping coin purse by Go To Sew is made from illustrated pages of old children’s books! We love how the pictures play out your favourite story every time you reach for some spare change.

2. Hexagon coin pouch

Hexagon coin pouch

Go To Sew teaches you how to create a little coin purse that attaches to a key ring and right onto your keys for easy access! The zipper keeps your coins safe from falling out while the hexagon pattern just plain looks neat.

3. Patchwork bi-fold wallet

Patchwork bi fold wallet

All Wrapped Up guides you through the process of patching together a large folding wallet made of differently coloured or patterned fabric. This project is a great way to put spare fabric scraps to good, practical use.

4. Zippered card pouch

Zippered card pouch

Sometimes it’s not your change that needs a separate case! Do you have so many rewards and membership cards that your wallet has run out of card slots? This handy little zipping card pouch by Craft Passion is just the DIY project for you!

5. Snappy coin purse

Snappy coin purse

Do you always have trouble finding the coins you need in coin pouches that don’t lay flat? Try making yourself this little unfolding purse by Makezine so that you can see things better and count your change faster! It gets bonus points for being really cute.

6. Passport sized wallet

Passport sized wallet

Do you travel often and prefer having all of your important documents together in one safe place? This DIY wallet is the perfect size for all of your cards and money as well as your passport. Get the pattern from Holland Cox.

7. Zippy wallet

Zippy wallet

This cute little “zippy wallet” design by Noodle Head has a ring so it can connect to your keys, a zipper to keep your coins in, and a pocket for a card or two with a strap to keep them in place. As far as little DIY pouches go, this one’s basically the ultimate!

8. Leather card holder

Leather card holder

Go To Sew walks you through the process of sewing yourself a little leather card pouch that lets you cut down on your heavy wallet when you only need to go out carrying the necessities. We love that you can create it in any colour of faux leather that you like.

9. Leather iPhone wallet

Leather iphone wallet

Do you love the idea of a little leather card wallet but still want to carry less things than a pouch and your phone? Go To Sew shows you how to combine the two! This leather case fits an iPhone and your credit cards or IDs.

10. Memo and organizer wallet

Memo and organizer wallet

Do you find yourself wishing you had a place to jot some notes down throughout your day? This notepad and card wallet combination by Go To Sew is a handy little tool to have in your purse.

11. Pixie hexie wallet

Pixie hexie wallet

A “hexie” is a style of quilting where, instead of using square patches and seaming them together, you use snippets of fabric cut into hexagons and quilt them together on all sides! Go To Sew teaches you how to make a full sized wallet using this technique and a clipping wallet frame from your local craft store.

12. Snapping kids’ wallet

Snapping kids' wallet

Is your child just starting to save an allowance and learn about money saving, counting, and spending? Make them an adorable little coin purse to store their dollars in until they actually need a real wallet. Go To Sew shows you how to make a cute snapping one.

13. TGIFF phone wallet

Tgiff wallet

Indianna Dreams teaches you how to make a full wallet that has everything you need in one place- a zipper for change, slots for your cards, and a pocket for your phone! This design also has a snapping strap to keep things closed in safely so you don’t lose anything.

14. Snap band iPhone wallet

Snap band iphone wallet

Do you like the idea of a phone wallet but you’d prefer one where you can actually check your phone without taking it out of the case like the one above? My 3 Monsters shows you how to make just that.

15. Simple boys’ wallet

Simple boys' wallet

Okay, so we know wallets aren’t really something that are design for just boys or girls, but this style is simple for young boys who aren’t carrying a bag or purse and need to keep their debit cards and allowance in a small, safe place in their pocket. Check out how it’s done on Go To Sew!

Do you know someone whose wallet is falling apart but who prefers to make their own things rather than buying themselves a new one? Share this post with them for a little bit of inspiration!

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  1. Fabulous! These are such fun crafting ideas and would be great to make as small gifts too. Thank you for sharing, hugs xx

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