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Crafty DIY Bowls

When it comes to crafting, we’re the kind of overly excited DIY enthusiasts who will make just about anything quite happily. We’re just about as content to do the basics with construction paper and scissors with our kids as we are to tackle the challenge of knitting an entire cabled sweater. Sometimes, however, it simply feels nice (and rather satisfying) to make something that has a little more structure and can be either put on display like decor or used a little more practically. That’s why we’ve been strangely interested lately in the idea of making bowls! Until we sat down and started looking at different materials and techniques that other crafters have used to make different mixing, trinket, or decor bowls, we had no idea just how diverse a craft it really can be.

Just in case you’re as interested in the idea of creating homemade bowls as we were, if not more, here are 15 of the most interesting and unique designs, ideas, and tutorials we’ve come across so far!

1. No-kiln-needed stamped clay bowls

No kiln needed stamped clay bowls

Have you always been interested in clay pottery but you’ve just never yet had the opportunity to try it out in all its authentic processes? Then, like us, we think you’ll really appreciate the way Gathering Beauty outlines a way to at least mimic the styles of classic kiln-fired clay pots using more simply done air drying clay. We love the way they stamped a pattern into the inside and painted the indents with a contrasting colour!

2. Plastic perler bead bowls

Plastic perler bead bowls

If you were a young, creative kid in the 1980s and 90s like we were, then we have no doubt you’ll be very familiar indeed with the fun little chunks of crafting plastic called perler beads! Whether we were making them into necklaces and bracelets or melting them together with an iron into hanging ornaments of different shapes, we used them all the time as kids. Imagine, then, how excited we were when we discovered, thanks to Meaningful Mama, that you can actually make entire trinket bowls out of perler beads as well!

3. DIY sea glass bowl

Diy sea glass bowl

Have you actually gone to great lengths to create a more seaside inspired aesthetic in your home so that you feel as thought you’re spending warm days on the beach at all times, so now you’re looking for a craft that will fit right in with that decor scheme? Then why not actually try making an entire decorative bowl out of worn sea glass? Debi’s Design Diary is here to show you precisely how that can be done in surprisingly few simple steps.

4. DIY raffia bowl

Olympus digital camera

Maybe the aesthetic you’re aiming for is actually a little more rustic chic than anything else so you’re looking for something that’s clearly homemade and slightly weathered looking? Well, this lovely raffia fruit bowl that was hand wound in neat rows by Because I’m Addicted is the perfect example of what we mean! We love the way their finished product looks in the centre of their kitchen table, filled with fresh produce.