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Cute DIY Dolls

If there’s one kind of toy our kids love more than anything at all, it’s their dolls. Ever since they were tiny, they’ve simply adored carrying their dolls around, brushing their hair, dressing them up, and playing house or adventure games with them. They certainly have their favourites within their collection but they also always have their eyes peeled for new dolls they’d like to play with as well. Naturally, we can’t be buying them new dolls out at the toy stores every day, but they’re sweet, kind kids, so we admit that we like to treat them whenever we can. That’s why we’re so lucky that we’re crafty parents! Sometimes we find it more budget friendly to make new dolls for our kids to play with using whatever crafting supplies we have on hand or whatever DIY skills we enjoy doing the most.

Just in case you love the idea of making your own homemade dolls just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the cutest and most creative ideas, designs, and tutorials to get you started!

1. Felt and wire dolls with yarn hair

Felt and wire dolls with yarn hair

Have you always been rather good at small sewing projects and hang stitching, but you’re determined to make your dolls from a material that will withstand how active your little ones are? Perhaps you’d actually just prefer to make dolls that can be posed because you’ve already made rag dolls and floppier toys for them before. In either case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Talentista used wire and felt to make these adorable little ladies with felt hair and even little pets of their very own!

2. Miniature felt angel and mermaid dolls

Miniature felt angel and mermiad dolls

Are you very intrigued by the felt and yarn elements of what we showed you above but you’re not sure you love the idea of working with wire? Perhaps your kids’ taste in characters are actually just a little bit more fantastical, so you think they’d like a doll shape that’s a little more whimsical. Then we think you should absolutely check out how Gingermelon made these stunningly adorable little mermaids and angels, hand embellished with sequins and beads!

3. Wooden peg and paper quilling doll

Wooden peg and paper quilling doll

Have you actually always been a big fan of working with harder tools than fabric or making toys out of slightly more unconventional materials? Then we think perhaps these adorable little wooden peg dolls dressed up in stunning spiralled dresses made of paper might be right up your alley! Sangi Creations guides you through the process of using delicate paper quilling techniques to create the dress, hair, and accessories. These particular dolls are admittedly a little more decorative than they are playful, but we’ve made plenty of them in different styles and designs and our kids love arranging them into different fun, imaginary scenes.

4. Cute bunched fabric dolls

Cute bunched fabric dolls

Are your kids perhaps still very small and you know that their favourite dolls are always the ones they can cuddle, since the hard plastic pieces don’t exactly make for the comfiest napping buddies? Then perhaps making them an alternative pal that’s a little more soft and comforting would be a better idea for both you and them! As sewing enthusiasts who always have lots of scrap fabric left over, we were pretty big fans of the way How To Instructions created these wonderfully soft bunched fabric dolls using material scraps and yarn. The only thing we did differently was adding cute little faces to our finished dollies using simple fabric markers.