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15 DIY Projects and Crafts for Ballerinas

Most little girls (and some little boys too!) go through a phase where they dream of being ballerinas when they grow up. Some take dances classes and of those kids, some of them even stick with it for years to come! Whether you children are little dancers or simply just have an admiration for the art, they’ll get a kick out of creating ballet themed crafts with you.

Check out these 15 adorable projects for dancers (or even just dance lovers)!

1. Simple paper and string ballet slippers

Simple paper and string ballet slippers

These little paper ballet shoes from Kiddie Crafts 365 are the kind of simple craft that kids will love making, but that they can finish quickly before they become bored. Help them cut out a ballet slipper shape, punch in holes for the “ribbons”, and string some yarn through to complete the shoes.

2. Felt and ribbon ballet slipper bookmark

Felt and ribbon ballet slipper bookmark

Wee Folk Art provides you with a pattern for creating a delicate little ballet slipper bookmark from pink and white felt and a pink ribbon. Because this craft involves sewing, it makes a better gift for your little dancer than it does an activity, but if they watch or carefully help you they might pick up some of the basics of sewing!

3. Popsicle stick ballerinas

Popsicle stick ballerinas

These adorable little ballerina toys from Glued to My Crafts will keep kids busy during craft time and also after when they can’t wait to play with their new DIY dolls! Gather popsicle sticks, colourful cupcake liners, pipe cleaners, and some markers and let your kids decorate their dancers however they like. Pink paper bows punched out with a shaped hole punch are a cute touch in the ballerina’s hair!

4. Knitted ballet slippers

Knitted ballet slippers

This pattern by Knitty Bits shows you how to knit adorable slippers in a size that will work for you or your little ones. Finish them by lacing pink ribbons on so they tie up like actual traditional ballet shoes and then watch your kids dance all over the house in them!