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15 DIY Projects and Crafts for Ballerinas

Most little girls (and some little boys too!) go through a phase where they dream of being ballerinas when they grow up. Some take dances classes and of those kids, some of them even stick with it for years to come! Whether you children are little dancers or simply just have an admiration for the art, they’ll get a kick out of creating ballet themed crafts with you.

Check out these 15 adorable projects for dancers (or even just dance lovers)!

1. Simple paper and string ballet slippers

Simple paper and string ballet slippers

These little paper ballet shoes from Kiddie Crafts 365 are the kind of simple craft that kids will love making, but that they can finish quickly before they become bored. Help them cut out a ballet slipper shape, punch in holes for the “ribbons”, and string some yarn through to complete the shoes.

2. Felt and ribbon ballet slipper bookmark

Felt and ribbon ballet slipper bookmark

Wee Folk Art provides you with a pattern for creating a delicate little ballet slipper bookmark from pink and white felt and a pink ribbon. Because this craft involves sewing, it makes a better gift for your little dancer than it does an activity, but if they watch or carefully help you they might pick up some of the basics of sewing!

3. Popsicle stick ballerinas

Popsicle stick ballerinas

These adorable little ballerina toys from Glued to My Crafts will keep kids busy during craft time and also after when they can’t wait to play with their new DIY dolls! Gather popsicle sticks, colourful cupcake liners, pipe cleaners, and some markers and let your kids decorate their dancers however they like. Pink paper bows punched out with a shaped hole punch are a cute touch in the ballerina’s hair!

4. Knitted ballet slippers

Knitted ballet slippers

This pattern by Knitty Bits shows you how to knit adorable slippers in a size that will work for you or your little ones. Finish them by lacing pink ribbons on so they tie up like actual traditional ballet shoes and then watch your kids dance all over the house in them!

5. Basic ballet wrap skirt

Basic ballet wrap skirt

Pink Ribbon Crafts has the perfect ballet-themed craft for sewing enthusiasts raising aspiring ballerinas. Let your child choose a fabric she loves and follow the steps in this tutorial to create a simply circular wrap skirt that she’ll love showing off to her friends.

6. Crocheted bun cover

Crocheted bun cover

You might be an avid crocheter, but have you ever tried making a crochet project with ribbons? We love how the technique looks for this colourful little ballet bun cover! Get the instructions on Pink Ribbon Crafts.

7. Ballerina baby bootiesKnitted ballet slipper baby booties

Maybe your child is still much to little to choose whether she wants to be a ballerina yet or not, but it’s never too late to start dreaming! This gorgeous bootie crochet pattern from Atelie do Croche will help you make a pair of ribbon-tied booties fit for Baby’s portraits.

8. Clothes pin ballerina ornament

Clothespin ballet dancer ornament

Weddbook shows you another ballerina-themed craft that your kids can make themselves Using markers, have them decorate old traditionally shapes clothing pins, and then add tutus made of cotton wadding, and give the ballerina dancing arms made form pip cleaners and fastened with a bead!

9. Juliet knitted wrap sweater

Juliet wrap sweater

Stina Ramos‘ pattern for this delicate and decorative wrap sweater is perfect for your child’s ballet class. It will keep her warm until her muscles and joins have warmed up and she’s ready to unwrap it, but she’ll also look completely adorable dancing in it.

10. Ballerina Christmas stocking

Ballerina christmas stocking

Martha Stewart‘s tutorial shows you how to sew a ballerina-themed Christmas stocking that your little dancer will absolutely love diving into on Christmas morning. Remember that you can make the ballet slipper, ribbons, and decorative trim whatever colour your child likes best!

11. Ballerina snowflakes

Ballerina snowflakes

Do your kids absolutely adore cutting out paper snowflakes at Christmas time? Krokotak shows you how to use those same folding and cutting techniques to create adorable little paper ballerinas wearing intricate snowflake tutus. They might look complicated, but your child will have this one mastered in no time.

12. No-sew tutu

No sew tutu

Whether your daughter already is a ballerina or just wants to dress as one, you’ll love how easy this no-sew tutu is and she’ll love how flouncy it is and how it moves as she dances about!{found on krokotak}.

13. Ballet cookies

Ballet cookies

If you’re experience at baking and working with decorative icing techniques then these adorable little ballet slipper cookies by Paper Toys for Baby will be no problem at all for you! They also feature a pretty tutu shapes cookie with some white and pink icing detail on the bodice.

14. Tulle ballet wreath

Tulle ballet wreath

Hello New Day teaches you the steps for making this absolutely gorgeous ballet-themed wreath that will look lovely hanging on your daughter’s bedroom door. The little satin slippers in the centre are key chains, the hanger is a braided ribbon, and the centre circle is a macarme ring form the craft store. Neatly knot lengths of ballet pink tulle all the way around the macrame ring and you’re set!

15. Origami ballet shoes

Origami ballet shoes

Easy Origami Instructions for Kids’ Crafts shows you the steps for folding these adorable little origami ballet shoes from pink paper with a satin finish. Complete the look with little pink ribbons, just like on a pair of real tying ballet shoes. These are a great craft to do together with your kid and you can hang them in your room as decor when they’re finished!

Have you made other cute ballerina crafts with or for your little dancer that you don’t see on our list? Tell about how you made them in the comments section!

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