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Ways to Craft with Fabric Besides Sewing

Anyone with sewing experience knows the beauty and potential that lies in even a single yard of fabric. Before we’ve even made the first cut, we always feel like we can envision all the gorgeous things that piece of fabric might be transformed into. If you don’t know how to sew, however, looking at a piece of fabric might feel a little bit daunting. Don’t fret, though! There are actually countless awesome DIY projects that you can make with fabric without even digging out a sewing needle or thread.

Check out these 15 super fun no-sew fabric projects that are made using all kinds of other crafting and DIY skills!

1. Patterned fabric table runners

Patterned fabric rable runners

Sometimes working with fabric to create something lovely is really just as simple as cutting it into the proper size and shape. Even if you don’t take what you’re making much farther than that, you’ve still just made something lovely out of fabric from scratch! These fun patterned table runners from Ruffled Blog are a great example of what we mean. They’ll even teach you how to keep your edges tidy without any sewing!

2. Multi-stand scarf

Multi stand scarf

If you as us, some of the very best no-sew fabric projects around are the ones that are made from old clothing. Besides letting you create something from a material you know you like (because you already owned it), projects made from old clothing let you upcycle a garment to give it a new lease on life rather than getting rid of it. Check out how Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth made this adorably stylish multi-strand scarf without even using a needle or thread.

3. DIY Roman shades

Diy roman shades

We’ve always lived in homes that had classic Roman shades on the windows and doors but we never thought of making our own until recently because the ones we’d had before were always store bought. One day, however, we decided we were bored of having shades that were just plain white, so we started looking into the best ways to make ourselves some shades with a pattern of our choosing. As it turns out, our favourite tutorial was a no-sew pattern that was easy as pie! Get the full details for making Roman shades of your very own on A Pretty Cool Life.

4. No-sew ruffled pillows

No sew ruffled pillows

We’re huge fans of decorative throw pillows. In fact, we’re such big fans of making our own pillows that we have different styles that we roll over seasonally and sometimes our families have to ask us to clear some of the fancy DIY pillows off the couch so they actually have room to sit down and watch TV. We’re always surprised, however, at how many of the coolest textured DIY throw pillows are actually made using techniques that don’t involve any sewing! This awesome ruffled pattern from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom is exactly the kind of pillow we mean.