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25 Ways To Use Up Fabric Scraps

Sewing is one of those pastimes that lends itself to scraps… and sometimes those scraps can get out of control. But there’s no need to throw them away – there are plenty of inventive ways to use them up by making things for your home (and for yourself!). Keep reading to check out 25 of our favorite scrap-busting DIY projects.

1. Fabric Rag Rug

rag rug diy

Use up tons of your fabric scraps with this charming rag rug, and place it by the sink in your kitchen or use it as a bath mat. Get the tutorial from the crafty people over at A Beautiful Mess.

2. Fabric Book Covers

book cover

Do you have a favorite book that’s become beat up because it’s so well-loved? Or maybe you’re trying to stick to a certain color scheme on your book shelf? Cover your books in beautiful fabric scraps using this easy tutorial.

3. Scented Sachets

scented fabric scrap sachets

These scented sachets would be perfect for those tiny pieces that you’re not quite sure what to do with (but you definitely don’t want to throw out). Toss one in each dresser drawer for a fresh-smelling wardrobe. They would make a great housewarming gift, too!

4. Fabric Wall Hangings

fabric scrap wall hangings

If you have an empty wall and a full sewing closet, this might be the project for you. Grab a few embroidery hoops, some fabric and this tutorial from Better Homes and Gardens to learn how to do this simple, colorful statement wall hanging.

5. Fabric Scrap Bows

fabric scrap bows

If you have a handful of fabric scraps, make a few of these cute bows… put them in your hair with a bobby pin, stick one on your purse, or you could even dress up your pet by attaching one to their collar! Get the tutorial over at Stars For Streetlights.

6. Reusable Fabric Snack Bags

fabric scrap reusable bag

If you’re a big snacker, these reusable fabric bags could save you some cash (and help the environment, too!). They are lined with plastic grocery bags, and are even washable. Head over to Happy Hour Projects to find out how to make these handy fabric snack bags.

7. Giant Magnetic Alphabet

fabric magnetic alphabet

If you have kids or grandchildren, this might be the project for you. This clever magnetic alphabet will stick to the refrigerator – and you’ll use up a ton of your fabric scraps. They’ll also help the kids differentiate between letters since each one is made with a different fabric pattern. Head over to Balancing Home for the tutorial.

8. Paperclip Bookmarks

fabric scrap paperclip bookmarks

These paperclip bookmarks are the easiest project of the bunch… all you’ll need are, well – paperclips and fabric. They’re so pretty they might just make you want to read! Head over to Woods of Bell Trees to find out how to make these colorful little page markers.

9. Fabric Key Fob

fabric key fob

Give your keys some style with this fun key fob project. Amber from Crazy Little Projects will show you how to turn a scrap of fabric and some hardware into a colorful fob for your key ring. This one is especially handy because you can loop it around your hand or wrist. Get the simple sewing tutorial right here.

10. Scrap Rug

scrap rug

Here’s a different type of rug that you can make using all those teeny tiny fabric scraps you have at the bottom of your sewing closet. You can customize the colors according to the decor of the room that you’ll be putting it in. Get the in-depth tutorial by the ladies from Everyday Art over at Craftaholics Anonymous.

11. Fabric Scrap Banner

fabric scrap banner

Decorate your next party with this gorgeous fabric scrap banner… it’s really pretty enough to leave up all year round! You could also make these for holidays and use different color schemes. Head over to The Decor Fix to find out how to make one of these no-sew banners yourself.

12. Fabric Covered Terra Cotta Pots

Fabric Covered Terra Cotta Pots

Terra cotta pots still seem to be the most affordable way to pot plants… but they’re just not very exciting. But you can dress them up in a snap with colorful leftover pieces of fabric and mod podge. Learn how to do it over at Shelterness.

13. Fabric Earbud Pouch

ear bud pouch fabric

iPod and iPhone earbuds get tangled easily, and they are also quite fragile – protect them by making one of these whimsical round earbud pouches. The zipper enclosure makes it easy to retrieve the headphones in a snap, and the metal ring gives you the option to keep them with your keys. Check out the sewing tutorial on Erin Erickson’s blog.

14. Colorful Fabric Scrap Wreath

fabric scrap wreath

Turn all those tiny scraps into a beautiful wreath for your front door. This one uses a wide variety of colors and patterns, but you might also consider choosing less fabric colors so it matches your entryway decor. Make your way over to The Art of Homemaking to find out how to create your own fabric scrap wreath.

15. DIY Cord Keeper

fabric cord keeper

Here’s another technology-related tutorial… keep your chargers and other cords organized by making a few of these clever fabric cord keepers. Get the simple sewing tutorial at Made By Me & Shared With You.

16. DIY Twist Headband


Need to step up your hair game? Use a piece of stretchy scrap fabric to make one of these adorable twist headbands. Try a floral print for a dressier occasion, or use a plain fabric to make one that keeps your hair out of your face during your workout. Get the full tutorial at Honeybee Vintage.

17. Fabric Hot/Cold Pack

fabric hot cold pack

These combination hot/cold packs can be used to sooth a headache, keep an injury cold or even keep your toes warm on those chilly winter nights. Keep one in the freezer to use as a cold pack, and make another one that can be heated up in the microwave. Bee In My Bonnet shares the easy tutorial here.

18. Fabric Necklace

fabric necklace

You can even use fabric scraps to make jewelry! Here’s a fun tutorial for a fabric statement necklace… all you’ll need is a few jewelry-making supplies and a piece of stretch fabric. Head over to Brit & Co. for this and other stylish DIY fabric jewelry tutorials.

19. DIY Reversible Fabric Bib


Here’s one for the little ones… make a cute reversible bib for baby using this straightforward sewing tutorial. If one side gets dirty, just flip it over! It even comes with a free printable pattern so you can get the shape just right.

20. Fabric Scrap Hair Ties

hair ties

Make a few of these colorful hair tie bows to give your ponytail a bit of pizzazz. They’re easy to make, and would be perfect to give as a small gift to a friend. Head over to Oliver + S to download the free sewing pattern. You’ll only need 5×5″ of fabric for each hair tie.

21. Fabric Phone Case

phone case fabric

Make a few of these fabric phone cases so you can swap them out depending on your mood. The exterior is plastic, so your iPhone will still be protected when you drop it down a flight of stairs. This project is deceptively easy… it will probably take you five minutes. Head over to Oh, Sweet Joy! for the tutorial.

22. DIY Fabric Coasters

fabric coasters

Protect your wooden tabletops by making a set of pretty fabric coasters. These coasters have blue on the back, which means that you can easily flip them over if you want to change up the look of your table. Head over to Sew Bon for the easy tutorial and list of materials.

23. Fabric Glasses Case

fabric glasses case

Protect your glasses with one of these colorful fabric glasses cases! Choose any color or pattern you like (although this glasses print is super cute) and fashion it into a case that will protect your eyewear from scratches. Head over to Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky! to see the full sewing tutorial.

24. Fabric Pot Holders

fabric pot holders

These gorgeous fabric pot holders are almost too pretty to use! They are made using strips of different types of printed fabric, and finished with a striped binding. They also use heat resistant facing. Head over to Simple Simon and Company to see the full tutorial.

25. Simple Drawstring Bag

drawstring bag

Make a few of these super functional drawstring bags to organize your craft room, to keep things in order in your suitcase, or even just to keep in the closet for those times when you need a bag for odds and ends. Here is the incredibly easy tutorial from the Purl Bee.

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