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25 Colorful Kitchens To Inspire You

More and more kitchens seem to be getting white makeovers lately, so in the interest of being unique, we thought we’d share some colorful kitchen inspiration! Keep reading to check out 25 of our favorite kitchens with bold accents in every color of the rainbow.

1. Bright Red Kitchen

Bright red kitchen

This open concept kitchen is a show stopper, with a bold red wall along one side and red light fixtures to match. Wooden accents balance out the bright accent wall. Make your way over to Historias De Casa to check out the rest of this cheery kitchen space.

2. Striped Mini Kitchen

Striped colorful small kitchen

This tiny little kitchen has a myriad of colors, from pink to green to blue and everything in between. The striped curtain does double duty, hiding unsightly items and adding a serious pop of bright color. Head on over to My Paradissi to check it out.

3. Mustard Yellow Kitchen

Mustard yellow wallpaper kitchen

This unique kitchen has simple wooden shelving and granite countertops, but sections of the cabinets and shelving are painted a bold mustard yellow. There is also a patterned backsplash which plays nicely off of the yellow. Head over here to see more photos.

4. Rainbow of Dishes

Colorful open shelving in kitchen

Often when you see open shelving, it is filled with orderly white dishes. This is not the case, however, in this unique kitchen. There are tons of different types of dishes, with almost every color of the rainbow represented. Head over to At Home In Love to check it out.

5. Mustard Yellow and Green Accents

Forest green mustard yellow kitchen

This contemporary kitchen has lots of natural materials which are offset by boldly colored tabletops and accent walls. The eating surface is a bright mustard yellow, while the chalkboard in the background adds a forest green color to the mix. Check it out here. 

6. Triangle Patterned Island

Triangle patterned kitchen island

This super bold kitchen island is painted with a triangle pattern which includes a myriad of colors, and the rest of the kitchen picks up some of those hues in the accents and furniture. Head over to Poppytalk to check out the rest of this incredibly creative home.

7. Patterned Tile Kitchen

Patterned wall pink stools kitchen

There’s nothing subtle about this kitchen, with bold patterned tile across the walls, hot pink and gold stools and even a plaid chair. The green plants add another colorful accent to the walls. Make your way over to My Domaine to check it out.

8. Green Cabinets

Dark green colorful kitchen cabinets

This kitchen isn’t quite as bold as some of the others, but the bright green cabinets are a unique choice for a kitchen. They allow the other colors to really pop, including the copper pans and the aqua blue pots. Head over to BHG to check out this lovely kitchen.

9. Turquoise and Yellow Kitchen

Colorful accents kitchen

While this kitchen still has traditional finishes on the cabinets and countertops, the accents add some serious pops of yellow and turquoise blue. This is a great way to add color without making permanent changes. Read more about it at This Old House.

10. Colorful Stools

Bright kitchen stools

This mostly white kitchen has a set of four stools in all different colors… and boy does it make a statement! There are also a few other colorful accents throughout the space, giving it a bold, memorable vibe. Head over to Yahoo Lifestyle to check it out.

11. Minty Fresh Cabinets

Mint green purple kitchen

These kitchen cabinets have a mint green finish that adds a freshness to the space, while the pink and purple rug and flowers are complimentary to the mint. And the pretty orange calendar even coordinates with the rug! See more of this space at Apartment Therapy.

12. Red, White and Blue

Blue patterned walls red kitchen

This amazing kitchen has blue and white tiles on the wall, along with bright red cabinets and black countertops. The warm gold chandelier brings a more traditional vibe to the room. Make your way over to Apartment Therapy to see lots of other colorful spaces.

13. Neon Brights

Neon colors kitchen

This unique kitchen has shiny white cabinets which allow the other bright pops of color to really show through. The neon pinkish reds and blues lend some serious personality to this kitchen. Make your way over to Oh Joy! to read tips on creating a colorful kitchen.

14. Colorful Cottage Kitchen

Traditional green red kitchen

This cottage-style kitchen has many traditional touches, but also a variety of bright, colorful accents as well. The bold red island is the focal point of the room, but the checkered green floor is also quite memorable. Check out this kitchen over at Better Homes and Gardens.

15. Kitchen Dining Nook

Pink mint green colorful kitchen

This inviting little corner of the kitchen has been converted into a dining area for family and friends to have breakfast and convene while people are cooking in the kitchen. The bright pink light fixtures add a serious pop of color to the space. Found at Better Homes and Gardens.

16. Multi-Colored Chairs

Destemone, koti, pikku huopalahti

In this energetic eat-in kitchen, a dining table is filled with gorgeous mismatched chairs in a variety of different colors. The bright hues are mirrored in the dishware that sits in the open cabinets. Head on over to Instagram to check out this bold kitchen.

17. Turquoise Cabinets

Turquoise and peach kitchen

This unique kitchen has saturated turquoise cabinets, paired with some peach accents and a bold patterned multicolor rug. A large fiddle leaf fig in the background adds some extra color and life to the space. Check out this kitchen over at Homesthetics.

18. Painted Ceiling

Painted ceiling kitchen

This classic kitchen has a colorful edge, with bright mint green cabinets paired with warm wood countertops. And to top it all off, the ceiling is painted orange! Make your way over to Design*Sponge to check out the rest of this colorful home in New Orleans.

19. Pops of Neon

Neon stools blue wall

This unusual kitchen has a bright blue accent wall along one side of the space, and three fluorescent pink stools sit at the island. Small pops of green can also be found throughout. Head on over to One Kind Design to see this and lots of other colorful kitchens.

20. Rusty Red Accents

Pops of red orange kitchen

This crisp white kitchen is accented with lots of rusty red items, including three barstools and a KitchenAid mixer. The rusty red color is offset by some subtle pale greens and blues in the dishes that sit on the shelves. Check it out over at Better Homes and Gardens.

21. Aqua Blue Kitchen

Colorful tiled kitchen red stool

This bold kitchen has a pretty aqua color scheme, with a blue tile backsplash and a green and blue accent wall. Here we again see rusty red stools, and clusters of colorful pottery. Make your way over to One Kind Design to see this and lots of other kitchen inspiration.

22. Colorful Ceramic Dishes

Colorful ceramic dishes kitchen

This kitchen has cream cabinets and walls, but a bold red oven paired with colorful dishware in every color of the rainbow gives it an inviting vibe. And the red curtain pairs nicely with the oven. Head on over to HGTV to check out this and other kitchen inspiration.

23. Colorful Window Frames

Bright colorful kitchen los angeles

This kitchen has white cabinets and white walls, but they are the perfect way to show off the color in the space with maximum impact. The bright blue window frames play off of the tiled floors perfectly. Head over to Style Files to see the rest of the home.

24. Green and Brick

Green and brick kitchen

This kitchen has bright kelly green cabinets, which pair perfectly with the wood countertops and floors. The exposed brick and copper accents serve to further show off the bright green hues. Head on over to The Kitchn to check out more photos of this space.

25. Playful Blue Tiled Kitchen

Blue tile kitchen multicolor

This kitchen in the Netherlands has a bold blue tiled backsplash, paired with black and white floors and pale pink chairs. Multicolored dishes sit on the open shelving, serving as another colorful focal point for the room. Check out the rest of this cheerful house here.

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