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Feel Great For Summer With These 48 Detox Water Recipes

Summer is right around the corner and if there was ever a time to get hydrated, it’s now. Have you skin glowing, feel a little lighter on the scale and fight the heat by keeping water at your side at all times. Cleanse you body and all your most vital of organs and burn fat on the daily. And with these 50 detox water recipes you’ll feel great all season – and all year – long.

1. Slim Down

Detox water recipe

Skinny Mom has the perfect recipe for water that will slim you down and give you a quick detox. Grapefruit, cucumber .. it’s a colorful combination!

2. Raspberry Lemon

Flat belly raspberry lemon detox water feature pic 1007

Over at Harmony Healing you’ll find a recipe for raspberry lemon water that will help to flatten out your belly! This is a personal favorite of mine since it has a lot of great flavor!

3. Blueberry Orange

Blueberry and orange water

Blueberry and orange water not only looks beautiful but the combination is quite tasty too. Check out the recipe over at The Peach Kitchen.

4. Lemon Ginger

Lemon ginger detox drink 11 calories 0 points drink up1

This lemon ginger detox water is only 11 calories and so good for you. Go visit Skinny Ms. for all of the details.

5. Pineapple Sugarcane

Pineapple sugarcane water

A Spicy Perspective makes a snazzy pineapple and sugarcane water that you’ll want to dive into all summer long. It’s got a spa vibe that’ll make afternoon much more enjoyable.

6. Blackberry + Sage

Blackberry & sage water recipe

For something a bit outside of the box in terms of water-infusions, take a peek at this combination. You can grab all of the details at Evermine.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar recipe

If you want to dive right into the detox adventure, then this apple cider vinegar water is exactly what you need. Yuri Elkaim has all of the info you need to get started.

8. Fat Burning

Fat burning detox drink

Raining Hot Coupons has a fat burning water recipe that you’ll want to run to. It includes simple ingredients that anyone can mix up with ease.

9. Lemon Lime

Detox lemon and lime water

Check out House of Treats for the details on creating this lemon lime combination. You’ll be able to detox with this recipe as well.

10. Blueberry + Raspberry

Blueberry and raspberry infused water in a mason jar

Here’s a fun berry combination water that we’re loving. Desert Chica has the ingredient list and all the quick directions.

11. Dieter’s Wonder

Apple cucumber mint water

This drink is called the “Dieter’s Wonder” because of its fat fighting tendencies. Whip it up with the help of Kitchen Frau, green apples, cucumber and mint!

12. Citrus + Cucumber

Detox water recipe

No Gojis, No Glory has a recipe for a citrus and cucumber water. It’s refreshing, it’ll detox your body and it’s quite pretty to look at too.

13. Green Tea

Detox green tea recipe

Check out Skinny Mom if you’re a fan of green tea. She;ll show you how to put together a sip that works great for your entire body.

14. Grapefruit, Orange, Cucumber

Citrus detox water

Detox yourself using some of your favorite citrus fruits. Over at The Sits Girls you’ll learn how to throw this together in no time.

15. Pineapple, Lemon, Mint

Pineapple detox water

The Sits Girls also have a recipe that includes pineapple, lemon and mint which makes it so much more zestful. Visit now and take a look!

16. Raspberry Orange

Raspberry orange water

These tart flavors work well inside this Loverly recipe. Perfect for brunches or just as a way to refresh yourself any and all afternoons.

17. Rose Mint

Rose mint water

Loverly also has a beautiful recipe for rose mint water. This too would be perfect to serve up on celebratory showers or something different to carry to work throughout the warmer months.

18. Watermelon Rosemary

Watermelon rosemary

And finally, you’ll want to visit Loverly just one more time to grab this watermelon and rosemary recipe too. It’s one of the more unique sips on the list.

19. Stress Reducer

Stress reducer detox

If you’re looking for natural ways to reduce your stress, visit Budget Savvy Diva and snag this recipe. Made with strawberries and cucumbers, it’s quite refreshing too.

20. Vegan Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry lemonade

Fully Raw has a completely raw and vegan-styled strawberry lemonade water recipe that you may be interested in. Catch it after the jump.

21. Cucumber Lemon Lime

Cucumer basil infused water recipe 640x955

Add some cucumbers to your lemons and limes for something a little different. Sunny Sweet Days has all the details, including the addition of some basil.

22. Anti-Bloating

Anti bloat detox water

Blogliates has a detox recipe that will help with your bloating and has an anti-aging benefit as well. Take a peek now!

23. Springtime Strawberry

Spring strawberry spa water

Make your very own spa water right at home with help from Get Inspired Everyday! This recipe includes strawberries too – a summertime fav!

24. Honeydew Melon + Kiwi

Honeydew and kiwi infused water the kitchen chopper 689x1024

Honeydew melon and kiwi may not sound like the most delicious combination, but it’s actually quite taste. The Kitchen Chopper is where you can get all he details.

25. Craving Control

Detox beauty water

Curb your cravings with this water recipe from Blogilates. The secret to this sip is that it also helps your skin glow … it’s a great beauty combo.

26. Strawberry-Infused

Strawberry rosemary vitamin water 660x440

Check out Daily Perricone for the know-how to make this strawberry-infused vitamin water. Full of good stuff and good flavors, don’t forget the rosemary too!

27. Clear Skin

Detox water for clear skin

Vicky B. TV gives us the scoop on a detox water recipe that will enhance your skin. Clear it up and brighten it too with some sips of this concoction.

28. Skinny

Skinny detox water

And back over at Budget Savvy Diva, you’ll find a detox water recipe that boost your skinny! Burn fat with this medley of flavors.

29. Energy Booster

Energy blackberry water

If you want to visit BSD just one more time, you’ll also find a detox water recipe that will rev up your energy. And you know we all need a pick-me-up come the afternoons.

30. Blueberry Lavender

Blueberry lavender water

Blueberry and lavender may not seem like the most delicious combination at first, but it’s better than you think. Check it out at Melissa’s.

31. Pomegranate + Strawberry

Pomegranate and strawberry water

Going Coconuts has one of the most delicious detox water recipes on the list. A medley of pomegranate, strawberry and coconut …. YUM!

32. Raspberry, Rose, Vanilla

Raspebrry rose and vanilla water

She Who Eats makes a gorgeous combination of raspberry, rose and vanilla. It’s unique and it’s so good for your too!

33. Cucumber, Strawberry, Thyme

Cucumber strawberry thyme water

Here’s another funky combination that we’re loving from Tasty Yummies. Check it out after the jump.

34. Grapefruit + Rosemary

Grapefruit and rosemary water

Tasty Yummies also has this snazzy recipe for grapefruit and rosemary water. It’s perfect for more sophisticated palettes too.

35. Blueberry, Lime, Cilantro

Blueberry water recipe

Keep yourself hydrated with this combination from TY too. Blueberry, lime and cilantro makes quite the fiesta-inspired sip.

36. Ginger, Pear, Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean

Ginger detox water

And finally, make one more stop over at Tasty Yummies and gather this absolutely delicious recipes. It sounds like desert in a glass!

37. Fat Flush

Fat flush water

Eat Live Beauty has a fat flushing detox water recipe that you need to grab TODAY! It’s delicious and will make you feel better after one day.

38. Chia

Chia water recipe

Hop on over to the Casual Craftlete for this chia detox water recipe. Again, it’s a super unique take on this health trend and we love it!

39. New Year

New year detox water

Four and Know More shows us how to start the New Year off right with the perfect detox. Grab the recipe after the jump.

40. Raspberry + Mint

Raspberry water

Mint is a great accent to a lot of fruits and that includes raspberries. Sammy & Bella used that to their advantage when creating this beauty.

41. Lemon

Lemonade with fresh lemon
Lemonade with fresh lemon

Sunny Fit Life has a lemon detox recipe that’s out of this world. Sometimes all you need is one flavor to get your detox rolling.

42. Strawberry, Lime + Mint

Strawberry lime and mint recipe

Here’s another personal favorite recipe on the list. Back to Her Roots has all the details on how to whip up a pitcher of this flavor-trio.

43. Skinny Jeans

Skinny water

Help yourself fit into those skinny jeans you love this season with this recipe from BSD. It’s the perfect detox!

44. Strawberry Kiwi

Strawberry kiwi detox

Everyone loves a good strawberry and kiwi combo. And Skinny Mom has the details for making it into the most refreshing sip on the list!

45. Spa

Spa water recipe

The Skinny Fork has all the details for making some simple spa water right at home. You’ll detox and feel like your in the lap of luxury on any afternoon.

46. Mint + Cucumber

Cucumber and mint

Mint and cucumber is a more classic combination, especially for those that aren’t a fan of super sweet sips. Check this out at Evermine.

47. Strawberry Watermelon

Flush fat™ strawberry watermelon detox water (4)fb

Not Quite Vegan has a super refreshing summertime water that we’re gushing over. Strawberry and watermelon can help jumpstart your detox this season.


48. Apple Cinnamon

Apple cinnamon water recipe

Boost your metabolism with this apple cinnamon treat. It’s zero calories too – check it out at Running Away.

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