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DIY Conical Planters

By now we are all well-aware of the coming trends for 2016, Minimalism will follow its stride and darker colors will be embraced. Rose quartz and serenity chosen the color of the year. Our next step shouldn’t be unpredictable. Get your clay balls rolling as we are making planters.DIY Conical Planter In one particular shop, I saw this faux plant in a container bigger than the plants’ pot itself and that idea intrigued me. I thought to myself, what if I used glass containers for my plants and that meant I had the liberty to go conical.Let us see what we will need for making this project and what steps we need to take in order to make these conical plantersDIY Conical Planter


  • Granite clay ( I ended up using 4 packets of 2 oz instead of 3 )
  • Pink Clay ( 2 oz X 3 )
  • Cutter
  • Dowel to roll
  • Party hat
  • Aluminium foil
  • Masking Tape
  • scissors
  • Glass containers and plants of your choice


In order for our conical planters to have a base to sit, we cut an inch or two of the party hat that we will be using as moldDIY Conical Planter 2The chance is that your party hat’s circumference would be smaller than your glass container so it is best that you wrap with thick paper and measure again with your glass container for a fit. Finally, we cover it with aluminum foil for an easy and safe bake.DIY Conical Planter 3Place your customized party hat in your glass container and with the  help of a  sharpie mark the rim of the container.DIY Conical Planter Roll out your clay and slip it over your customized party hat to see how it fits, go back and forth until you are sure that your clay piece covers the marked areas of your party hat. For a perfect fit you may place it in your container to control betterDIY Conical Planter Now place your clay piece over your mold, join the ends and cut off excess clay at the base and along the vertical edges of your clay pieceDIY Conical Planter Put your newly shaped clay piece in your glass container and cut of the excess clay for the perfect fit. I went ahead made another planter with pink clay. Once your work is complete place them in a tray and bake them as per the instructions of your clay packageDIY Conical Planter Let your newly-baked containers cool for a while and then you can slit around the edges to release the party hat first and then your aluminum foil so to ensure you don’t pressurize and break them. Fill them with your favorite plants and place them in their designated glass containers. ( Plants shown here are peace lily and baby rubber plant )DIY Conical Planter You can absolutely use any color of your choice, and if you don’t find one you can make your own. You see my pink clay was not pictured in its original package because I used 3 pieces of white clay with red acrylic paint to create my own shade. You can very well go ahead and mix considerate amount of colors to your white clay to make your own shades.DIY Conical Planter DIY Conical Planter

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