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15 DIY Christmas Tree Drawings To Do With The Kids

Grab the little ones and all of the arts and crafts, it’s officially Christmastime! It’s time to get creative and use your imagination to bring the spirit of the holidays to winter break. You’ll love the ideas below and you’ll be able to fill up the December calendar with lots of fun ideas for the kiddos to enjoy. School through and check out these 15 DIY christmas tree drawings to do with the kids!


How to draw a christmas tree easy

Check out this YouTube video to learn how to whip up a super easy Christmas tree. Have the kids grab some paper and markers – then just hit play after you watch their creativity unfold.


How to draw snowglobe with christmas tree step 0

Here’s a tree that you can learn how to draw – but it’s inside of a snowglobe. Drawing Tutorials 101 give us lots of great drawing projects, but this one is really great for the kiddos this time of the year.


How to draw a christmas tree

Sweet and with step-by-step instructions, this tutorial can be found at Craftsy. It’s a bit of an accent piece instead of an entire tree but the kiddos will have fun with this one as well. They’re potted trees, so they can be included in a larger holiday scene!


How to draw a christmas tree video

Check out YouTube again for another version of the step-by-step process. Trees are very easy to draw and the tutorials you find online can be quite similar – so you just need to find a finished product that fits your fancy the best.


How to draw a christmas tree four ways