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15 Canvas Paintings To DIY This Weekend

Get a little creative. Get your hands dirty. And grab your friends too. These 15 canvas paintings are the perfect DIYs to highlight your weekend and gab alongside the girls. Whether it’s for jazzing up a dorm room or filling a corner of your home, any one of these fun projects will fit the bill.

1. Anthro-Inspired

Diy abstract wall art

Brit + Co starts us off with this gorgeous, abstract painting. Follow along with the easy tutorial and create something “designer” worthy for your walls. It’s inspired by an Anthro piece, which is even more fun!

2. Swatches

Diy swatch painted canvas

We’re swooning over this festive painting. It’s an easy one to follow along and recreate. Just hop on over to Bird’s Party to grab the details.

3. Chevron

Chevron watercolor painting diy

This chevron painting was made with the help of watercolors. The Embellished Nest will give you all the instruction you need to make this come to fruition inside your own home.

4. Ombre with Quote

Ombre canvas painting with quote

Sarah Hearts

5. Spoons

Spoon brush canvas art diy

Mr. Kate used a big ol’ serving spoon to paint this baby. And you can do it too! You don’t need to have fancy pieces to create something special.

6. Gold-Dipped

Gold dipped canvas art

Here’s a beautiful bout of modern inspiration that we’re loving. Snagged from Dans le Lakehouse, you’ll learn how to whip up these easy, shimmery beauties. Take a peek at how to make this happen after the jump.

7. Embroidery

Embroidered and painted canvas diy

Alongside of the painting, you can have some sweet embroidery too. We love this textural, innovative design. If you want to go with something even more offbeat, visit The Sassy Life.

8. Splattered

Diy canvas paintings splash art

You’ll get a little messy with this one. Check out Thrift Diving and learn how to create one of these edgy, splattered designs. You can even add a quote or two if you’d like!

9. Pinwheel

Diy canvas paintings pinwheel painting

Elise Blaha Cripe made this gorgeous pinwheel canvas and we’re loving the festivity of it all. If you want a pop of color, follow along. Of course, you can always create a bout of pretty neutrals too.

10. Flowers

Diy painted roses

Flowers are always a classic. If you want to learn how to paint some of your own florals, then hop on over to Pamela Groppe and take a lesson!

11. Ocean

Diy canvas paintings diy ocean painting

Darice was inspired by the ocean with this painting and we’re swooning for it. It’s an easy one to recreate as you’ll follow a more abstract way of creating. Check it all out after the jump!

12. Colorblocking

Colorblock panting with gold stripes diy

Maria Teorien created this gorgeous piece and we want to as well! Those golden stripes really create a special, glam essence. Take the leap and snag the details now.

13. Modern Lines

Modern lines canvas painting diy

If you want something a bit chicer and modern for your home, check out this posh painting. It’s perfect for the dining room or another more traditional space in the house. Take a peek at The New Domestic.

14. Hi

Hi black and white canvas painting

I Spy DIY showcased this adorable and charming “Hi,” canvas. We love how easy this one is to put together and its youthful, trendy vibe. Use any color you’d like, we’re just drawn to classic black and white options.

15. With Thumbtacks

Thumbtack canvas art

Brit + Co showed off this fun DIY project. Grab a canvas, give it a quick paint with a color that inspires you, and then add some thumbtacks. This has a glam, edgier finish that we’re really digging.

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