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15 Buffalo Chicken Recipes To Spice Up Your Night

Add some extra pops of flavor to your weekly routines by adding any one of the meals below to the rotation to the menu. From sandwiches to main entrees, there are different ways to infuse our favorite hot and popping poultry to the plates. Check out these 15 buffalo chicken recipes that will certainly spice up your night below!

1. Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Buffalo chicken lettuce wraps

The Sweet Life beings our journey through the heat with these buffalo chicken lettuce wraps. Perfect for a low carb, guilt-free yet tasty meal, it’ll be hit among everyone in the family. Hop on over now to snag the recipe details.

2. Buffalo Chicken Crunchwrap

Buffalo chicken crunchwrap recipe

If you’re already a fan of Taco Bell’s popular Crunchwrap Supreme, then maybe you should take that idea and twist it a little bit like the folks at Delish did. They included buffalo chicken in their unique spin on the class fast food menu item. And it’s just as scrumptious (and filled with good ingredients).

3. Buffalo Chicken Salad

Buffalo chicken salad

Here’s another guilt-free yet super delicious plate to enjoy. You can check out all the details by visiting The Skinny Fork. Serve it up with a baked potato on the side or use it for weekday lunch meals for work.

4. Cheese-Stuffed Buffalo Grilled Chicken

Cheese stuffed buffalo grilled chicken

Peanut Butter and Peppers went with a buffalo grilled chicken that could work for a variety of meals. Side dishes can easily pair with the one but the major joy of this entree idea is the fact that it’s stuffed with cheese. Who could resist that?

5. Buffalo Chicken Pasta

Cheesy buffalo chicken pasta

We’re all about a good pasta dish, especially when it’s loaded with cheese. And what makes this Crockpot Gourmet delight even better is the fact that you just have to throw the ingredients in a crockpot and let the magic happen. It’s so easy even novice chefs can make this happen in an afternoon. `

6. Buffalo Chicken Tenders

Buffalo chicken tenders

Chicken tenders are a classic, family-friendly meal. But with some help from Dinner, then Dessert you can take that entree to the very next level. Smother them in buffalo sauce, of course, and make sure you’ve got some ranch or blue cheese dip on the side.

7. Buffalo Chicken & Rice Skillet

Buffalo chicken and rice skillet

Here’s a really easy and flavorful dish to try this week. This buffalo chicken and rice skillet is a satisfying meal for both lunch (easy to prep) or dinnertime. Check it out at A Spicy Perspective.

8. Buffalo Chicken Tortilla Pie

Buffalo chicken tortilla pie

My Sequined Life had us drooling with this innovative meal idea. Buffalo chicken tortilla pie has all the ingredients you could want in an extra special dinner for the fam. Cheese, chicken, and a kick of spice too; it’ll become an instant classic.

9. Pulled Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

Buffalo chicken pulled sandwiches recipe

Buns In My Oven knows that a good slider recipe can go a long way. From easy weeknight dinners or treats for the Sunday football game, these small buffalo chicken sandwiches will satisfy bellies at all occasions. Top with slaw or ranch dressing.

10. Buffalo Chicken Taquitos

Buffalo chicken taquitos recipe

If the family is already fans of classic taquitos, use Well Plated by Erin‘s recipe to give that meal a new twist. Fill those tortillas with buffalo chicken and cheese instead of traditional beef. Serve it up with rice and beans or a nice green, leafy salad.

11. Buffalo Chicken Pot Pie

Buffalo chicken pot pie

Betty Crocker took a chicken pot pie and gave it an infusion of heat. This recipe is a surefire winner among familys everywhere, even the little kiddos will want a scopp of this deliciousness. Add a dollup of sour cream on top to really take it over the top.

12. Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas

Buffalo chicken enchiladas

Chicken enchiladas are always a good time, even if you decide to go extra spicy with some buffalo mixes. Top with some red sauce or even go extra cheesy by smothering them with queso. Grab the details at Food Network.

13. Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Bowl

Buffalo chicken quinoa bowl

Here’s another healthy edition of a buffalo chicken meal. Check out Lemon Tree Dwelling for all the details behind the creation of this beauty quinau bowl. We love how colorful, flavorful, and guilt-free the recipe is.

14. Buffalo Chicken Tacos

Buffalo chicken tacos

Buffalo chicken tacos are also a thing of beauty. And, thankfully, Oh So Delicioso has the recipe you’d want when creating them at home. The secret here is to not go without the avocado chunks to smooth out the heat!

15. Buffalo Chicken Corn Chowder

Buffalo chicken corn chowder

And finally, if you hop on over to Half Baked Harvest yo’ll find a recipe for buffalo chicken chowder that will knock your socks right off. Pair this with a light salad or a grilled chese (this is an easily dippable bowl of goodness!).

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