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DIY Projects Using Hangers

Even though we are lifelong crafters who have spent many years perfecting and practicing several different more specialized DIY techniques, like knitting and sewing, we still think it’s sometimes nice to go back to our crafting roots and make something simple from a random household object. That’s why, when we realized we had some spare hangers after moving, we decided to try and upcycle them instead of getting rid of them! That’s how we found ourselves scouring the Internet for crafting projects made from hangers all this week and last.

Just in case you love the idea of making fantastic DIY projects from regular old clothing hangers just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the very best ideas, designs, and tutorials we’ve come across so far in our search for inspiration and guidance!

1. Hanger as a magazine rack

Hanger as a magazine rack

The awesome thing about hangers is that, in some instances, there are crafty uses for them that don’t involve you having to alter or change the hanger really at all! Instead, you’re just thinking creatively about how that hanger can be used to hang things besides clothes, like normal. That’s the kind of craft we mean when we show you things like this useful hanger magazine rack outlined in clear detail on Creatistic.

2. Hanger as a glasses stand

Hanger as a glasses stand

Did we actually really catch your attention when we started talking about crafting ideas that involved hangers being used creatively, just how they are? Well, believe it or not, magazines aren’t the only non-clothing things you can store on a hanger! Because we love to accessorize with shades so much, we’re huge fans of the way SF Girl turned one of their sturdy old hangers into a glasses and sunglasses stand.

3. Wire hanger ribbon organizer

Wire hanger ribbon organizer

Perhaps the hangers you have to work with are wire hangers that are easy to bend, cut, and otherwise alter, but you’d still prefer to repurpose them rather than throwing them out? Well, if you’re the kind of avid crafter who has amassed quite the impressive ribbon roll collection over the years like we have, check out how Happily Ever Crafter turned one of their own wire hangers into some hanging ribbon storage in just one simple cut.

4. Coat hanger jewelry holder

Coat hanger jewelry holder

Speaking of accessorizing, are you the kind of fashion enthusiast who always believes that you should put one more thing on before you leave the house, rather than taking one off like the old style saying suggests? Then we have a feeling you’ll really appreciate the way I Spy DIY used tiny photo hanging hooks screwed into a thick wooden hanger in order to turn it into a jewelry hanger!

5. Coat hanger hook rack

Coat hanger hook rack

Have you ever felt intrigued by the idea of upcycling something old and unused to serve almost its same original purpose, but in a very different way? In that case, we think you’ll actually have a lot of appreciation for the way A Little Glass Box made a whole coat hanging rack from old wooden hangers, but this time mounted upside down and on their side so the hook that usually hangs on the closet’s bar is now the hook where your coat will rest.

6. Coat hanger dish rack

Coat hanger dish rack

Just in case you’ve actually been looking at your wooden coat hangers, considering them carefully, and realizing that you think the wooden part is much more useful than the metal hook in the top, here’s a tutorial that will show you how to do precisely that! We love the way this tutorial from Instructables shows you how to make something nice and practical for your kitchen by alternating the wooden hanger bases along some wooden dowels to make a sturdy dish rack.

7. Flip flop hangers

Flip flop hangers

Have you actually been scrolling through our list and thinking more and more about the wire hangers we showed you earlier on our list, but you’d much rather create something organizational for your closet than your crafting space? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Epbot made these awesome flip flop hangers from cut and bent wire hangers, just to make your warm season feel a little less cluttered.

8. Coat hanger photo display

Coat hanger photo display

Has your favourite concept thus far actually been the idea of hanging something entirely different than clothing on your repurposed hangers, but you’ve been in the mood to make something much more decorative lately rather than only creating functional things? In that case, we think you’ll admire the way Organized Clutter turned this wooden hanger into a base for hanging a stylishly weathered photo frame! We love the sort of vintage chic finish of the whole piece.

9. Deer hanger wall hangers

Deer hanger wall hangers

Jus in case you do prefer making practical things but you still also have an appreciation for things like art and minimalist style, here’s an idea that’s both crafty and useful all at once! Check out how Das Rote made these funny half-hanger wall hooks that are actually angled to look like mounted deer with antlers, only mod and alternative in their upcycled style.

10. Wire hanger faux metal scrolls

Wire hanger faux metal scrolls

Perhaps we really piqued your interested the best so far with our talk of cutting and bending wire hangers into unique shapes in order to make something new, but you are still in the mood for making something entirely decorative, as we mentioned before? In that case, we think you’ll certainly enjoy reading about how Beth’s Lemonade turned sections of wire hangers into decorative faux metal scrolls in just a few surprisingly simple steps!

11. Coat hanger decor tree

Coat hanger decor tree

What if you are feeling intent on making something decorative, but you’re also not really keen to change the shape and state of your big wooden hangers just because there’s something you like about how simple and familiar they are? Then you just might get along better with something like this decorative hanger tree from Decor8 that hangs down from the ceiling like a mobile! The beauty of this piece is that you can always hook or unhook different hangers to the piece to make it larger or smaller.

12. Coat hanger gift display

Coat hanger gift display

Perhaps a coworker has a birthday coming and the whole office got them a little present or you and your roommates are doing secret Santa but you don’t have room to set up a tree in your apartment to put the gifts under? In either way, a simple hanger wrapped in fun, sparkly things can actually be a fantastic way to display gifts! Take a better look at Frydog Design to see how they were wrapped and hung almost like a neat mobile here.

13. Neon embroidery wrapped no-slip hangers

Neon embroidery wrapped no slip hangers

Whether you’re intending to use them to hang other things or whether you’re the kind of avid rafter who loves adding colour and a sense of decor to every detail of your house, whether guests will see it or not, here’s an idea that we’re strangely intrigued by! We simply can’t get over how much we love this idea from Brit + Co. for doing a bit of string wrapping to colour block some simple wire hangers in a way that’s really bright and cheerful!

14. DIY glam clothes hangers

Diy glam clothes hangers

Has the idea that we’ve caught your attention with the best so far actually been the concept of embellishing your hangers for fun, even though you’re still going to hang clothes on them and put them right back in your closet? In that case, we think you simply must take a look at the way Same Chick, Different Day made these sparkly black and pink glam hangers with fun things like bows and pom poms for embellishment.

15. DIY cityscape wire hanger piece

Diy cityscape wire hanger piece

By now, you can probably tell just how much we adore the concept of wire bending in just about any capacity, let alone when you’re working with wire hangers, so we’re sure you can imagine just how excited we were when we came across this super fun cityscape shaped idea from Homedit! They show you how to make a door mounted hanger piece that looks just like the skyline of a city. It’s actually easier to do than it looks!

Have you made other crafty things from wire hangers before that you really enjoyed doing and still use or have on display but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about what you created and how you did it or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!


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