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Personalized Brush Stroke Napkins

When you’re planning a party, think about some of the dinnerware items you already own that can give a unique and personalized experience for your guests.  It may just be that you don’t have to go out and buy new items.  Look around your house to see if you have any partyware that can be upcycled for your event.  For starters, creating simple, hand-painted napkins can be one of the quick projects you undertake before an event.  They can be personalized in any way you like- from colors, to brush stroke types and patterns that speak to your party’s style.

Personalized Brush Stroke Napkins Finished

Personalized Brush Stroke Napkins

In order to make these napkins, you will need some paint, particularly fabric paint, a paintbrush, cardboard or foil, and cloth napkins.  I am using Martha Stewart’s multi-surface paint and basic white napkins purchased from my local bargain store.

Personalized Brush Stroke Napkins Materials

Wash and dry your napkins.  Give them a quick run with the iron to remove any wrinkles and lay them on a clean surface.  Pour a little fabric paint onto a disposable plate.  To protect your surface, use a piece of foil or cardboard underneath the napkin as you paint.  The paint will soak through the napkin, so be careful not to ruin your surface.  Pick up just a small amount of paint on your brush and apply light strokes.  A small dab of paint is all you need in order not to overly saturate the napkin.

DIY brush stroke hand towels

Be sure not to overthink it or try to make them perfect or consistent.  The charm comes in the free form and abstract strokes.  Start with one color and paint a few strokes, then switch it up, choosing colors that reflect your style.

Allow the paint to air dry

Allow the paint to air dry overnight before use. Once the paint has dried completely, lay another piece of cloth on top of it and run the iron over it on low.  This will seal in the paints into the fabric.  But make sure the paint is fully dry first!