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Breathe New Life Into Your Home With Any of These 13 Live Edge Tables

Built to last and dripping with Mother Nature’s charm, breathe new life into your home with any of these 14 live edge tables. We’ve compiled a list of handmade, beautiful designs.

Live Edge Table

Some feel as though they’ve been plucked right off the forest floor, while others have been topped off with an epoxy glaze and river-reminiscent finish. Use them in the dining room, the home office, or even as a coffee table in the living room. Scroll through, grab some inspiration, and let us know which are your favorites!

Live Edge Tables to Get

1. Industrial Hairpin Live Edge Table

Industrial hairpin live edge table

This industrial hairpin live edge tablecould become an incredible central focus to a dining room. Made from oak, it mixes rustic charm with just the right amount of midcentury modern appeal to make it a contemporary addition to the home. It would also pair nicely with tufted or metal chairs.

2.Steel Tube Handcrafted Live Edge Table

Steel tube handcrafted live edge table

We are loving the innovation behind this industrial piece. A steel tube handcrafted live edge table made with oak wood planks and steel pipes, each piece will have its own personality and features. Make a note of how amazing the set up is when you include a live edge bench that matches!

3. Live Edge Handmade Coffee Table

Live edge coffee table handmade

We really love this chunky, low piece with vintage flavor. It could really be an amazing focus of a living room when styled correctly. It’s a live edge handmade coffee tablemade from solid oak wood and with an incredibly budget-friendly price tag intact.

4. Live Edge Dining Room Table

Live edge dining room table

We’re falling in love with these river designs. This live edge dining room table has a bespoke style and will truly add a unique touch to your home. It’s both functional and used as a piece of art in nearly any type of home, making it one of the most versatile choices.

5. Midcentury Nakashima Live Edge Coffee Table

Midcentury nakashima live edge coffee table

Here is the midcentury Nakashima live edge coffee table, which also has a contemporary art feel and natural charm. Because of this malleability in style, it truly is a piece that can easily fit inside a variety of differently curated homes. Pictures here is a table made with beautiful butternut wood.

6. Woodstock’s Epoxy Live Edge Dining Room Table

Woodstock's epoxy live edge dining room table

Woodstock’s epoxy live edge dining room table is absolutely stunning. Not all river designs have to be made with blue or green tones; instead, white can bring a certain amount of sophistication to the mix. And we love how modern this finished piece really is!

7. River Live Edge Coffee Table

River live edge coffee table

You can get one of those eye-inducing designs on a smaller scale as well. This river live edge coffee tableis made with steel, resin, and oak wood as well as completely customizable. And because it is handmade, keep in mind that each piece with be made with its own unique personality and differentiation.

8. Live Edge Oak Resin Coffee Table

Live edge oak coffee table

Here’s another smaller design that could cause a major splash in your home. This live edge oak resin coffee table blends both natural lines with pops of epoxy. And we love that no matter how many of these are made, they will all end up coming unique and different. This particular piece has the ability to be made with three different types of legs, including classic oak wood, stainless steel square, and stainless steel in finished copper.

9. English Olive Ash Live Edge Coffee Table

English olive ash live edge coffee table

You’ll want to take a closer look at the English olive ash live edge coffee table too. It’s a one-of-a-kind design made with Ash tree wood (both the top and the legs). It’s really easy to dismantle for shipping and versatile for a variety of spaces inside of the home.

10. Holborm Live Edge Reclaimed Dining Table

The holborn live edge reclaimed dining table

We love this more contemporary structure and how it can easily become a staple piece for an entertaining space. The Holborn live edge reclaimed dining table was created by using reclaimed wood that has individualized features such as variation in color, grooves, and grains. Know that each of these designs is also made to order and can be used in craft rooms and home offices as well.

11. Rustic Live Edge Computer Table

Rustic office computer table industrial steel tube

This style of tables doesn’t have to be large and doesn’t have to be in the dining room. They really can be sweet coffee tables, as we see above, and used in charming ways in other spaces of the house. Just check out this rustic live edge computer table, for example! We love how your workspace could also hold on to that natural energy.

12. Live Edge Console Table

Live edge console table with hairpin legs

This live edge console table is probably the smallest on the list, but it packs a mighty punch in terms of style. We love how it can easily blend into a modern home or even one with a farmhouse vision. It pops right off of cream walls and creates a statement in the foyer.

13. Black Epoxy Live Edge River Table

Black epoxy river table

The black epoxy live edge river table is an absolute showstopper. If you like to find true, statement pieces for your home, then look no further than this beauty. It’s made from darker walnut wood and will mesh with a contemporary home nicely.