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DIY Beautiful Tablet Stands

Usually when we have a hankering to craft or get creative, making something for our technology isn’t the first thing comes to mind. Technology and homemade wares just aren’t a combination we tend of think of very often because all of our technology is so sleek and professional looking and the things we like to make usually have a homey or fun aesthetic. Recently, however, we came across a DIY tutorial for a homemade iPad case that really caught our eye and we’ve been thinking about it ever since! Suddenly we can picture all the different colours, patterns, and designs we could make cases and stands in for our own iPad so we can angle it just right while we use it.

Just in case you’re interested in making yourself an awesome and totally useful tablet stand too, here are 15 DIY designs that are both fun to create and easy to use once you’re done!

1. Cardboard and fabric folding stand and case

Cardboard and fabric folding stand and case

Are you usually a fabric works enthusiast so your first instinct was to start getting creative with materials in the patterns ad colours you like best, even if it just means using something that you have a few small pieces of in your fabric stash? Well, that’s a great idea for a case, but you’ll need to combine it with something of a little more substance if you actually want the stand to… stand! Check out this awesome and well angled fabric and cardboard stand from Wrapped Up in Rainbows to see what we mean.

2. Stained wood drawer support stand

Stained wood drawer support stand

If you’re going to make yourself something from scratch, would you prefer to make it an upcycling project so that you can transform something you’re not using into something useful? Well, if you have an old dresser, or at least pieces of one, lying around then you actually have just about everything you need! We love the way Dunn Lumber used the sliding support piece from inside where the drawers rested to make a simple angled stand just by cutting it to size and staining it to taste.

3. Decoupage wooden tablet stand

Decoupaged wooden tablet stand

Have we really piqued your interest with the suggestion of a wooden tablet stand but you actually have a little bit of experience with simple wood working and you’d rather make something from scratch instead of just making a couple simple cuts and using wood in its current form? In that case, we definitely think you should take a look at how Walnut Hollow Crafts made their own angled wooden stand with a little platform. We love the way they even decorated it, using decoupage techniques to cover it with cut outs from old comic books.

4. Custom fit leaning wooden stand

Custom fit leaning wooden stand

Okay, we know we’ve been talking a lot about wooden projects, but we found this custom fit idea that’s a little more advanced and it’s just to cool not to include on our list! This tutorial from Balazs Kelemen shows you how to cut and piece together wooden lengths to fit your particular tablet or device (meaning you can also make this one for your phone). The bonus feature is that the angle is adjustable!

5. Cherry, maple, and purple heart custom wooden stand

Cherry, maple, and purple heart custom wooden stand

Are you very into the idea of a DIY wooden stand but you’d rather have one that suits all of your devices without having to be adjusted at all? In that case, we have a feeling this piece that just fits the technology into an indentation might be the best choice for you! A simpler version of this could easily be made using the same tutorial, without rounding the edges or using different types of wood, but DIY Craft Addiction shows you how to make this absolutely stunning piece in detail.

6. 50 cent scrap wood tablet stand

50 cent scrap wood tablet stand

While you’re feeling pretty enamoured with these fancy wooden tablet stand tutorials, are you actually worried that your crafting budget doesn’t really accommodate them so you need a version that’s a little bit cheaper? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll really appreciate this simple propped stand idea from Redfly Creations that’s made with a simple 50 cent piece of wood!

7. DVD and string tablet case

Dvd and string tablet case

Are you actually kind of strapped for crafting supplies and funds right now but you’re working on something that you could really use a stand for? Then maybe you’d benefit more from an idea that uses random things you might already have available around your house! This simple case made from an empty DVD case and a length of elastic is precisely the kind of thing we mean. Find out how it’s made on XDA!

8. Pop up envelope case

Pop up envelope case

Are you looking for a case that turns into a stand but is still quite soft and can work as a case too, so your devices are protected when you put them in your bag and take them on the go? In that case, we think we might have found just the tutorial for you! Check out how The Inspired Wren made this softer case that has a popping lid to prop your tablet up on at a small angle.

9. Wood and copper piping tablet stand

Wood and copper piping tablet stand

Do you actually live in a super modern house with a very clean, metallic aesthetic that you like to keep as consistent as you can, even in pieces that you’re making yourself? Then we absolutely think you should take a look at this awesome painted wood and copper piping tablet stand from The Creative Glow! Their tutorial guides you step by step through the process of making it happen.

10. Wood and metal bracket tablet writing station

Wood and metal bracket tablet writing station

Rather than just a temporary stand to see a recipe when you’re cooking dinner, are you looking for something that will give you a little more solid height on a regular basis because you use your tablet as a screen for writing at work? In that case, we think you might be just the kind of person who could make great use of this DIY mini writing desk from Wood Restart! They even show you how to make a slightly propped piece to set your portable wireless keyboard at a better angle for typing.

11. Tablet stand from an upcycled fork

Tablet stand from an upcycled fork

If you’re going to go to the trouble of making something yourself from scratch, would you prefer that it be something with a little bit of style of its own, or perhaps some kind of kitschy element that visitors and friends might notice, even if it’s not really a decorative piece? In that case, we have a feeling you might get a kick out of how simple, awesome looking, and useful this tablet stand from Modern Outdoor Dweller is! They show you how to make it from a simple kitchen fork with strategically bent teeth.

12. Coat hanger hanging tablet stand

Coat hanger hanging tablet stand

Did we really catch you attention with the bent fork idea because you’ve always like metal and wire bending crafts but you’d rather make a version that lets you hang your tablet somewhere instead of just propping it up on a flat surface? In that case, you might be better to work with a wire hanger in the place of a kitchen fork! See how this tablet hanger was made on The Gadgeteer.

13. Homemade tablet stand from an old hard cover book

Homemade tablet stand from an old hard cover book

When you make your DIY tablet stand would you rather make it by a theme or somehow relate it to other things you like? Well, we’ve always been pretty big bookworms, so you can imagine how excited we were when we came across this case and stand combination project that’s made from the hard cover of a book! Besides both protecting and propping up your tablet, we also like that it makes it look a little less starkly technological from the outside. See how its done on DomnProfessor33.

14. Tablet stand from an upcycled cutting board

Tablet stand from an upcycled cutting board

Have you been thinking all through your scrolling on our post about how some of the wooden ideas we showed you look like cutting boards? Well, we gave you those ideas because some people really love woodworking from scratch, but you’re actually totally right that you can make a tablet stand from a wooden cutting board too! We love the way Home to Heather made a cutting board stand using nails, twine, and a short wooden dowel.

15. Home sewn beanbag tablet stand

Home sewn beanbag tablet stand

Perhaps you’d rather a stand that’s a little easier to store because it can be moulded to take up a little less space? Maybe you’re just looking for an idea that uses softer skills like sewing rather than things like woodworking or wire bending? Then we have a feeling you’ll get more of a kick out of this funny little beanbag idea from Factotum! They show you how to sew a small bag in a pyramid shape and fill it with beans so you can set your tablet on one corner and lean it back against the rest.

Have you made other kinds and styles of tablet stand before for your family or friends that you were very happy with and you use all the time, but you don’t see anything similar on our list? Tell us all about how you made it or link us to photos of your finished product in the comments section.

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