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Beautiful Faux Flower Crafts

Making art and designs with real flowers is a rewarding art, whether you’re the person making the finished product or receiving it. The way that perfectly arranged blossoms and their bright petals light up a room is practically unparalleled. Sometimes, however, using real flowers isn’t actually idea. People are often allergic to them, different flowers go in and out of season, and everything you make or arrange will eventually wilt. That’s where faux flowers come in to save the day!

Whether your flowers are made of paper, silk, or another material, these 15 awesome faux flower crafts will have you ready to add a floral flair to just about every room in your house.

1. Giant paper roses

Giant paper roses

Making a beautiful project using pre-made faux flowers is all well and good, but sometimes it’s nice to get a little more “from scratch” about your art and decor. If you think you’d rather create some of the projects on this list with flowers that you actually hand crafted yourself, check out this big gorgeous paper design by Studio DIY!

2. Water colour paper flowers

Watercolour paper flowers

Do you love the idea of making your own paper flowers but you’re looking for a style that’s a little more unconventional? Try creating these water colour blossoms instead! We love the way the pastel colours fade into each other. Check out how they’re made on Vitamini Handmade.

3. Tissue paper flower patio lights

Tissue paper flower patio lights

Now that you have some gorgeous faux flowers made, what can you do with them? Here’s one of our favourite ideas that’s perfect for the last few warm summer nights we have left in the season! String the paper blossoms along a length of white lights and hang them high all around your deck or back porch, just like A Beautiful Mess did here! We love the warm glow and summery feel the whole idea builds.

4. Cherry blossom door wreath

Cherry blossom door wreath

Felt is a great material for making faux flower projects too! This adorable cherry blossom door wreath is the perfect example. Little pieces of cut felt look cut as a simple flower shape, layered in different colours, or trimmed smaller like petals. Get the details of how to make them on Vitamini Handmade.

5. Pressed faux petal art

Pressed faux petal art

If you’ve ever pressed flower petals before, then you already know just how gorgeous the finished product looks. The process of choosing, picking, pressing, drying, and crafting the petals, however, isn’t exactly quick. Instead, try creating a pretty framed petal display using faux flower “petals” just like Girl Loves Glam did here!

6. Giant cardboard flowers

Giant cardboard flowers

Are you looking for a faux flower project that’s a little less realistic and a little more novelty? These giant cardboard blossoms by The Merry Thought might be a little more up your alley! In reality, you can make them any size you choose, but we love the idea of fun sunflowers as big as our heads.

7. Floral paper lanterns

Floral paper lanterns

Icing Designs reminds you that sometimes embellishing an already existing pieces with a little bit of faux flower magic will give you a beautiful look! We love these paper flower covered lanterns for outdoor parties in the spring and summer.

8. Pom pom black eye Susans

Pom pom black eye susans

Do you prefer working with softer materials and fabrics than paper? Felt and yarn are great options for creating faux flowers too! Try cutting out petal shapes and layering them, then affixing a fuzzy black pom pom made of yarn in the centre. Delia Creates shows you how they’re made.

9. Linen and book page flowers

Linen and book page flowers

Sometimes the best way to make a beautiful craft is to combine materials rather than choosing between two different ones! We love the way that Josie Jones combined paper and linen to make these adorable layered flowers, but we particularly adore the fact that they used old book pages instead of regular paper.

10. Spring tulip and moss wreath

Spring tulip and moss wreath

There are plenty of ways to create gorgeously decorative pieces with pre-made faux flowers too! This springtime door wreath, for example, includes various types of material blossoms and some faux moss as a backdrop for the flowers to rest on. Get the full instructions for making it on Girl Loves Glam.

11. Hanging flower backdrop

Hanging flower backdrop

Are you looking for a way to add some whimsical prettiness to a space? Well, we think the beauty of this faux flower hanging curtain is practically unparalleled when it comes to floral decor! Whether you use yours as a permanent fixture in a room or simply as a backdrop for photo opportunities at your next party, you’ll appreciate that the flowers won’t wilt over time as they hang. Check out how it’s made on Queen Bee 1924.

12. DIY faux flower monogram

Diy faux flower monogram

Foam flowers are an awesome way to add some personality and colour to a little girl’s room! These ones are curled in a way that looks beautifully realistic. Our favourite way to display them is in a giant letter initial, just like this one from Whim Magazine.

13. Ombre faux flower wall art

Ombre faux flower wall art

Do you have a collection of material flowers but none of them suit the colour scheme you’re trying to build? Follow in That Cheap Bitch‘s footsteps and transform them into some ombre wall art! Glue the heads of the flowers all over a small canvas and use three shades of your favourite colour to spray paint a pretty colour gradient from one end of the piece to the other.

14. Cupcake liner bouquet

Cupcake liner bouquet

Sometimes our favourite pieces are the ones made from rather unconventional materials. This little bouquet by Intimate Weddings is a great example! Instead of using pre-made flowers, or even flowers that you’ve crafted from something else, it’s constructed from crinkly cupcake liners that fold and bend like layered petals already.

15. Faux flower cake

Faux flower cake

Did you know that faux flowers actually make great decor for edible pieces too? Of course, you’ll want to make sure that your guests know not to eat the paper or silk, but that’s a risk we’d be willing to take in order to present a floral cake this stunning. Check out how Crafts n’ Coffee arranged this pretty piece.

Have you made other faux flower projects that you’re very proud of but that you don’t see here? Tell us all about your work in the comments section!

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