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DIY Bandeaus to Compliment Your Favourite Cut-Out Top

Summertime is the time for cool clothing, both looks-wise and in terms of temperature! It’s also a time for fun trends, and cut-out tops are particularly in style this year. Pairing your favourite cut-out top with a cute bandeau underneath lets you add a little pop of colour and avoid getting too hot by wearing a whole second shirt underneath.

Check out these awesome DIY bandeaus that you’ll be able to make just in time for your favourite outdoor events this summer!

1. Daisy bandeau

Daisy bandeau

Sometimes buying a regular garment and altering it how you please is the best way to DIY your own clothing. This way, you don’t have to sew if you’re not quite ready to take that kind of project on. Instead, try buying small decor pieces or appliques and either gluing or hand-sewing them to a pre-made bandeau. Check out how cute daisies look along the top of this bandeau on Pinterest.

2. Pinched bandeau top

Pinched bandeau top

Kaydance Kloth teaches you how to make a simple coloured bandeau with a subtle coloured zig-zag stitch and a delicate pinch in the fabric. This accentuates the bust line and gives the top some simple style without letting it distract from whichever kind of cut-out shirt you choose to put over top!

3. Twisted scarf bandeau

Twisted scarf bandeau

Are you looking for a quick bandeau solution for the beach? Do you have lots of old scarves lying around? This style, found on Pinterest, is made with wrapping and knot tying techniques that you’ll get done in no time and love the look of!

4. Sweetheart bandeau top

Sweetheart bandrau top

Do you like the look of the subtle bunching in the top of the previous pinched bandeau? Then you’ll probably love the more dramatic gathering at the bust line of this sweetheart style bandeau. Get the low down on We Follow Pics.

5. Centre tied bandeau top

Centre tied bandeau top

All Day Chic

A little bit of coloured or patterned ribbon and some material (whether it’s material you’ve chosen or upcycled material from an old shirt) are all you need to make this bandeau. Tie the ribbon around the centre to get a cute, more dramatic pinch in the middle than previous styles.

6. DIY beandeau from leggings

Diy beandeau from leggings

Can you tell that we’re big fans of upcycling? Turning a pair of old leggings into a simple crossed over bandeau is easy, quick, and totally practical. Tie it at the back and voila! Check out this one we found on Pinterest.

7. Two-toned twisted bandeau

Two toned twisted bandeau

Twisted fabric in the front of a bandeau might look complicated and fancy, but it’s actually surprisingly easy! Doing it with two different colours, like Kaydance Kloth did here, gives you an especially great looking final product.

8. Lace bandeau

Lace beandeau

Sometimes layering bandeaus gives you the neatest effect! This simple black lace pattern is great for layering because the colour you choose for underneath will peak through subtly. Burda Style teaches you how it’s done!

9. DIY bow bandeau

Diy bow bandeau

Sometimes your bandeau is the outfit, rather than going underneath another outfit! This bow pattern by It’s GLO Time is simpler than you might think and will make you look like a pretty little present all wrapped up and ready to go.

10. DIY 2-way bandana bandeau

Diy 2 way bandana bandeau

Eyes of a Couturier teaches you how to make a versatile bandeau from bandanas that can be worn two different ways. Wear it with a contrasting pattern for an interesting visual or with a plain, solid colour that lets the bandeau stand out as the statement piece.

11. DIY galaxy bandeau

Diy galazy bandeau

We can’t think of anything cuter and more trendy than letting a little piece of the galaxy peek out from underneath an over-sized top. You’ll be able to pair this colourful, speckled bralette with an array of coloured shirts. Find out how to make it on Look Under Here.

12. Caged bralette bandeau

Caged bralette bandeau

One of our favourite ways of drawing the eye and creating an interesting visual in an outfit is with unique or eye-catching straps. Your back becomes the perfect canvas for a little flair with DIY bralettes like this one by Secret Life of a Bio Nerd.

13. Denim bow bandeau

Denim bow bandeau

Fancy Made has plenty of imagination when it comes to bra tops, bandeaus, and bralettes that you’ll just love making this summer! Try using the same bow technique that we listed previously, but using denim for a stylishly upcycled look.

14. DIY strappy bandeau

Diy strappy bandeau

Do you like the idea of visual straps but hope to keep it a little simpler? This pattern by Blueberryxo guides you through the process of making a bandeau top that goes perfectly with delicate, backless summer tops of any colour and style.

15. Flower applique bandeau

Flower applique bandeau

Are you not so keen on sewing and cutting? Patches and appliques are your answer! How To Instructions shows you how to use simple gluing techniques to transform a plain bra into a delicate top that can be classed up or made into a trendy bohemian chic look.

Do you know someone who loves altering clothing or making their own simple pieces? Share this piece with them for a little bit of summertime inspiration!

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