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These 15 Backyard Games Are Perfect For The End of Summer

Summer may be winding down and the kiddos may be already in the beginning stages of their first semester but it’s not over yet. Relax and enjoy a glass of iced tea out on the porch with the rest of the family. And liven things up with a game of corn hole or croquette! These 15 backyard games are perfect for the end of summer – and perfect to test some DIY skills.

1. Mini Golf Course

Mini putt course diy backyard game

That’s My Letter starts us off with a super fun DIY to dive into and one that will definitely pay off. The entire family can get involved and hold a game of mini golf any day of the week! You can even take it one step further with your creativity and add different obstacles to the course.

2. Pool Noodle Ring Toss

Pool noodle ring toss

Grab some of those inexpensive pool noodles and get to work. You can easily create an XL “pool noodle” ring toss with a few of them. The entire family can join in on this fun, even the smallest of the kiddos.

3. Water Cup Races

Water cup races backyard diy game

All For the Boys has a great tutorial that involved using some of the water guns of the house. With some cups and some string, you’d be surprised how easy entertaining the little ones this afternoon can be. It’s also a great game for birthday parties and BBQs!

4. Cornhole

Cornhole diy game

DIY Network shows off a great tutorial for a classic backyard game: Cornhole. Knowing how to make some of these will really add a bit of extra fun to your home and to the family. This is really the perfect, go-to game to get the party started.

5. Dunk Tank

Diy backyard dunk tank