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No Sew DIY Backpack Tag

For most of us it’s either back to school or back to work time, this means lots of people are going to be using backpacks, which are incredibly still so much on trend this fall! Surely you wouldn’t like for someone else to pick up your backpack for mistake and end up with other people’s stuff with you… and without even knowing who they belong to! To prevent this, a clever no sew tag comes in handy, and – at least in my case – adds a gorgeous touch of floral to my monotone robin’s egg blue backpack.

No sew diy luggage tag set2

I decided I wanted to make this tutorial open and easy to make to as many people as possible, so a clever textile glue will come in handy if you’re a no sew kinda girl. Also, if you’re between those lucky people that go on vacation on September, this can be perfectly used as luggage tags.

Let’s see how to craft this DIY backpack tag.


  • textile of desired pattern
  • textile glue
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • large ribbon
  • cardboard

No sew diy luggage tag supplies

1. Start by cutting out a rectangular shape that will be double the length of your tag and a few cm extra on each side for the faux seam (the bent in part you see here).

No sew diy luggage tag cut

2. Decide the size of the window which should be smaller than half of your rectangular shape. Once you’ve drawn the outside shape of the window, draw another rectangle slightly smaller jut inside it. Cut out the smaller rectangle and make little cuts at each angle so that the flaps can bend in.

No sew diy luggage tag cut fold

3. Now glue down all the bent flaps. To help give them the correct shape I ironed them down.

No sew diy luggage tag glue 2

4. Then bend the ribbon in half and place it inside the small cut done exactly half way thru the rectangle: this will be the upper edge of the tag. Fix it down with some more glue.

No sew diy luggage tag lace

5. Now glue half of the rectangle’s edge and bend it in half to close it.

No sew diy luggage tag glue

6. Cut out a rectangular cardboard shape that will make your tag stiff enough. My cardboard wasn’t so much heavy so I doubled it. Place it inside the tag.

No sew diy luggage tag cardboard

7. Finally, write down on a piece of paper all the infromation you’d like someone to have if they found your luggage: name, surname and mobile number. Don’t add too many deatils, also robbers could find your bag and go and visit your home while you’re on vacation!

No sew diy luggage tag write

Well done, we’ve finished! Hope you’re going to give it a try as it’s extremely simple to make and can really save your items from being lost. Optionally can be added a transparent plastic onto the window so that the paper is even more protected: you decide if you live in a rainy country. Have fun!

No sew diy luggage tag set2

No sew diy luggage tag set3

No sew diy luggage tag set5

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