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25 Awesome Scarf Projects to Try This Summer

Scarves aren’t just for Fall and Winter, and you don’t even have to feel limited to just using them around your neck in the usual and expected way. Why not use some of your old scarves and repurpose them into brand new accessories and other fun projects to use around your home? Here are 25 ways you can use scarves to accessorize, decorate, and then some!

1. Make a shirt

Vintage scarves turned into a shirt

Grab a couple of vintage scarves and fashion them into a totally unique and totally adorable shirt like Erica from Recycled Fashion.

2. Silk pillows

Silk pillows

Yes, you can sew silk pillows into some seriously chic and expensive-looking pillows. Just check out a couple of tutorials over at Ouno Design.

3. Turn it into a handbag

Scarf purse

If you’re really in a pinch, or you just want to have a totally unique handbag, why not make one of your scarves into one? See more over at A Bullseye View.

4. Make sun catchers

scarf sun catchers

Using embroidery hoops and an old scarf, Sadie Seasongoods made some fun and colourful sun catchers!

5. Wrap gifts

Scarf-wrapped presents