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15 DIY Air Fresheners

Every fall, we find that we miss the fresh summer breeze and the feeling of having our windows and doors thrown open. The moment it gets chillier and we have to close up the house again, we feel a little bit smothered for a few weeks. Even though we keep our house very clean and we know it smells pleasant, we find ourselves always worrying that it’ll smell musty when guests come to visit. At the same time, however, we’ve never been big fans of store bought air fresheners because some of them contain ingredients that often trigger people’s allergies and contribute to other health issues. That’s why we started making our own!

In case you’re also interested in making differently scented air fresheners yourself but you need a little bit of guidance, here are 15 great scents that we’ve tried before and would absolutely try again!

1. 4-ingredient DIY citrus air freshener

4 ingredient diy citrus air freshener

Citrus is a classic scent when it comes to cleaners because it’s so refreshing. It’s also a great scent, however, because lemon juice has its own natural antibacterial properties, meaning it’s actually killing germs when you use it. That’s why this natural DIY recipe is one of our go-tos! It’s easy to make, pleasant to smell, and adds that extra bit of reassurance to your day that your house really is very clean. See how it’s made on Live Simply.

2. Homemade air freshener with baking soda

Homemade air freshener with baking soda

Are you actually not the biggest fan of liquid and spray air fresheners because, no matter how natural they are, you don’t like the idea of their residue and fallout getting on your furniture and your things? In that case, you might prefer a baking soda air freshener instead! Fresheners like this one from Top 10 Home Remedies are often scented (we love making ours with lavender essential oils just like this one here) and the powder absorbs strong smells and bacteria from the air. That’s why you put it to sit out in a bowl or jar!

3. Scented wooden cubes air freshener

Scented wooden cubes air freshener

Wooden cubes might not sound like the first think you’d reach for when you want to make a room smell better, but you’d be surprised how effective this DIY method from North Story is! They teach you how to cut an especially absorbent kind of wood into cutes and soak it in a mixture containing your favourite essential oils so it holds the scent. Next, simply pile the cubes in a container (choose a decorative one if you want to set them out where they can be seen, since they do look pretty neat, after all) and let them give off their scent! You’ll be surprised at how long they last.

4. Homemade gel air freshener

Diy gel air freshener

If you’ve ever been in a homewares store, you’ve probably seen these types of gel air fresheners before, but did you know that you can actually make them at home rather than buying them? We love that idea because then you have full control over the ingredients that you include and can customize the scent according to what you like best! In the meantime, this tutorial from Bitz n’ Giggles teaches you how to make the basic gel part happen so that you can play with scents as you please.