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20 Resin Jewelry DIYs to Explore This Weekend

Resin is quite the popular craft material when it comes to jewelry-making. Unfortunately, it can be a little intimidating to work with after seeing all the beautiful designs we see lining the boutique cases. But have no fear, we’ve compiled a list of 21 resin jewelry DIYs to explore this weekend and test your creativity and accessory-crafting skills.

1. Glitter

Diy sparkle resin jewelry

Brit + Co shows us how to make a glitter-inspired sparkling ring. Learn how to work with resin and create something extra special.

2. Sprinkles

Diy sprinkle resin necklace

Check out this funky sprinkles pendant made from LBB. You’ll learn how to use edible delights in this resin-filled beauty.

3. Flowers

Diy real flower resin jewelry

We love the organic inspiration from Beading Gem. Grab some flowers from outside and use them indoor next at-home jewelry design.

4. Seashells

Diy seashell resin jewelry

You could even use some seashells you’ve saved for your next jewelry-making project. Check out how and make something for your next beach trip in mind! (via)

5. Wood

Diy wood resin jewelry

Quinn Z Shen shows us how to make some glowing wood resin jewelry. And we think they’re absolutely swoon-worthy and perfect to use as DIY gifts.

6. Photos

Diy photo resin jewelry

DIY Photography took photos and turned them into special little pieces of jewelry. From earrings to pendants for a new necklace, turn those memories into wearable art.

7. Pumpkins

Diy resin pumpkin jewelry

Make something a bit seasonal with the help of Little Windows, Learn how to whip up this pumpkin beauty after the jump!

8. Confetti

Diy confetti resin jewelry

Frankie took some golden paper and turned it into a fun confetti design for us to try. If you want something a bit funky and feminine, try this out!

9. Paper

Diy paper resin jewelry

Take some book bits or lyrics written on a piece of paper and slide them in a pendant! Learn about how over at Skinner Studio.

10. Peppermints

Diy peppermint resin jewelry

Toni Ellison took some peppermints and made a holiday-worthy piece to wear! Turn it into a pendant, a ring or even a pair of festive earrings.

11. Fruit

Diy fruit resin jewelry

And over at That Girl Who Never Talks you’ll find out how to take some fruit and turn it into a fun design. A slice of kiwi or orange is all you need to get started.

12. Eyes

Diy resin cat eyes

Little Windows shows us how to make some chic cat eyes. There are so many wonderful ways to utilize this design too, just be creative!

13. Gems

Diy resin gems

You’ll fall madly in love with this resin gems from Hello, Whimsy. Just think of everything you can do with these beautiful pieces!

14. Scenes

Diy resin jewelry scenes

These resin jewelry pieces will provide so much inspiration for you and your creativity. We love these little scenes and how to fit them inside. (via)

15. Music

Diy rock music resin jewelry

DIY Network shows us how to make from rock-n-roll-themed resin jewelry pendant. From paper bits to guitar picks, use whatever inspires you!

16. Brooch

Diy resin jewelry epbot

You could learn how to take a piece of the past and cast it in the future. Check out EPBOT for all the details.

17. Milk

Diy milk resin jewelry

If you want to get really funky with your projects, take a peek at this one. You can even use your breast milk as a means of inspiration! (via)

18. Skittles

Diy skittles resin jewelry

Toni Ellison gives us another great idea with this Skittles inspiration. Put your favorite candy in there, the kids will love it.

19. Patriotic

Sony dsc

Saved by Loved made something that’s a bit patriotic in style, and we’re in love! Red, white and blue sprinkles will get you started.

20. Dandelions

Diy dandelion resin jewelry

We’re loving this dandelion DIY. Check out the tutorial and go outside to pick your first material of the project. (via)

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