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The DIY Fall Wall Hanging Perfect for Renters

Gorgeous fall is here, with it’s typical warm colors and first temperature falls. Whether you love it or not, sure you won’t miss the opportunity for some nice home redecorating, which doesn’t always mean expensive new furniture. Probably just placing new cushions and swapping around wall decor will be a game changer to the overall look. And if you, like me, are on a tight budget for home decor renovating, then this tutorial is just the perfect escamotage.

Fall leaf wall hanging set6

Leaves come in hand this month, just have a walk in the woods and you’ll discover plenty of colorful ones like mine. Grab vasious types and shapes and bring them home with you. Spot an area at your place where you used to have a hanged frame or even just a plain wall that you’ve always wanted to personalize. This tutorial is also perfect if you’re on rent, because it’s absolutely harmless to wall structure. Hop on the tutorial with us, read on and make this fall wall hanging.


  • various leaves
  • brush
  • ligh blue acrylic paint
  • nail art tape (white and gold)
  • scissors
  • washi tape

Fall leaf wall hanging supplies

1. Start by deciding how your hanging will look like; since I found mainly 2 types of leaves I decided to leave the bigger and orange ones on the center and place the smaller darker ones on the sides. Experiment various grouping options until you’re happy of the look.

Fall leaf wall hanging groups

2. Paint all of your leaves’ end with light blue paint, trying to make a straight line. If leaves are bumpy or curved you might need to paint them on the back as well.

Fall leaf wall hanging paint

3. Next, I decided to finish up the smaller leaves with a decorative line of white nail art tape.

Fall leaf wall hanging white line