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DIY Wine Cork Wall Jewelry Holder – How to Make a Wine Cork Holder for Your Necklaces

How many times have you gone through your jewelry and found all your necklaces completely entangled? We know we lost count many years ago. Thankfully, a really cool jewelry holder can help solve this problem for you. Plus, it will look awesome on the wall!

Wine Cork Jewelry Holder

Our wine cork jewelry holder is chic, looks glamorous, and allows us to sort out all the necklaces and bracelets. You’ll be able to hang all your favorites to they’re easy to get when you need them.

Materials for wine cork jewelry holder

  • wine corks
  • wood board
  • painter template
  • sponge
  • silk ribbon
  • white, gold, and blue acrylic paint
  • paintbrush
  • glass bowl
  • knife
  • glue gun

How to make a wine cork jewelry holder

Do you have all your materials gathered up and within arm’s length? Great! You don’t want to go running around looking for a thing or two you forgot.

Wine cork jewellery holder materials

Step 1: Paint the wood board

We’re going to start out with our wood board. We used a square one, but you can go for a different shape and adjust the tutorial as you go.

Wine cork jewellery holder (1)

A bigger board may have more room for pegs for your necklaces! Get the white acrylic paint and the paintbrush and start covering the board with the color.

Wine cork jewellery holder (2)

Make sure you cover all the nooks and crannies and that you’ve laid out the color beautifully over the grain of the wood. There’s no need to use water at this point as it will just make the paint take longer to dry and the coverage may not be as good.

Wine cork jewellery holder (3)

Also, paint the edges of the wood board so it looks more finished. Leaving them in the wood’s natural color will make the board look sloppy and lose that chic look we’re going for.

Wine cork jewellery holder (4)

Wine cork jewellery holder (5)

Step 2: Cut the wine corks

Next, we’re going to take thewine corks and theknife and cut them vertically.

Wine cork jewellery holder (6)

Make sure you make the cuts down the middle so the pieces have roughly the same size. You won’t need to cut all the corks, as you’ll need some for the pegs later on.

Wine cork jewellery holder (7)

If you don’t know how many to cut, try to place some corks on the length of the board to see how many you’ll need. We only needed four for our design, but you may need a few extra tries if you don’t get the cut straight.

Wine cork jewellery holder (8)

Step 3: Paint the board with the template

Acrylic paint usually dries up quickly, so when the white coat is completely dry, get the painter template and the gold paint. Our painter template has a simple design, and you may not find one that’s just like it, but whatever you have works just fine.

Wine cork jewellery holder (9)

Wine cork jewellery holder (10)

Once you’ve placed the template over the board, take the sponge and dip it in the gold paint. Dab gold paint over the design. Make sure the template doesn’t move around as that would ruin the design.

Wine cork jewellery holder (11)

Hold the template to the board and softly press paint over the whole board, going slowly over all areas and making sure the color covers everything.

Wine cork jewellery holder (12)

Wine cork jewellery holder (13)

Lift the template slowly and admire how beautiful the gold paint looks over the white base. You don’t want to pull the template too brutally since the paint is still wet.

Wine cork jewellery holder (14)

Step 4: Mix the colors

We’re going to paint the wine corks next. For this, we’ll need blue and white acrylic paints. Use the glass and add some white paint. Then, dip the paintbrush in the blue paint and add to the white.

Wine cork jewellery holder (15)

Wine cork jewellery holder (16)

Wine cork jewellery holder (17)

Once you reach a shade of light blue you like, pick up a wine cork and paint it on the top and the sides. You can leave the bottom unpainted, but at least make sure the edge is covered.

Wine cork jewellery holder (18)

Wine cork jewellery holder (19)

Place the painted wine cork on a piece of paper and leave it off to dry.

Wine cork jewellery holder (20)

You’ll want to add more and more blue color to the mix and paint the other wine corks in the desired shades. We chose to go with four different shades, going from light blue gradually up to dark blue.

Wine cork jewellery holder (21)

Step 5: Add the ribbon loop

Before you add anything to the front of the jewelry holder, you’ll want to make sure you can hang it when you’re done.

Wine cork jewellery holder (22)

So, get the silk ribbonand the glue gun. Add glue to the edges of the board and press the silk ribbon into it. Make sure you hold the pressure for a few seconds so it all sets.

Wine cork jewellery holder (23)

Wine cork jewellery holder (24)

Wine cork jewellery holder (25)

Step 6: Add the wine corks

Now it’s time to add the wine corks. Turn the wood board around and get the wine corks and the glue gun. Add plenty of hot glue to the back of one of the wine cork halves and press it into the board.

Wine cork jewellery holder (26)

You want to line the edge of the wine cork with the edge of the board. Start by placing them in the middle of the board and build from there. In this way, it look nice as you look at it, and if they don’t fit exactly, you can cut the edge of the corks on the ends.

Wine cork jewellery holder (27)

Wine cork jewellery holder (28)

Once you’ve completed the upper line, it’s time to do the same for the lower edge too. Get the wine corks, add hot glue, and place them to the board. Always remember to press the corks to the board for a few seconds so the glue has time to set.

Wine cork jewellery holder (29)

Step 7: Add the wine cork pegs

As we already mentioned, the painted wine corks will act as pegs that you can hang your necklaces from. So, grab the wine corks and the glue gun and add hot glue to the bottom.

Wine cork jewellery holder (30)

You want to add plenty of hot glue and draw a circle so it covers more surface. Don’t put glue right on the edge as it will push out when you press it to the board and it will not look as nice.

Wine cork jewellery holder (31)

Wine cork jewellery holder (32)

Make sure you place the wine corks at equal distances from one another. We went with a gradient look, but you can do your own design if you want. Also, our pegs are placed in the lower half of the board, simply for design purposes.

Wine cork jewellery holder (33)

There you go! Now you have a brand new wine cork jewelry holder and it couldn’t look any nicer!

Wine cork jewellery holder (34)

This is a great addition to anyone’s closet. The best thing about this design is that you can customize it however you see fit. If you have a bigger wood board, you can use that one and add more wine cork pegs. If you don’t like gold, you can use a different color. The same goes for the painted wine corks we used as pegs – use whatever color you like. If you don’t like to have them arranged in a straight line, you can place them on different levels. Imagination is the only limit you have here.

We loved making this and can’t wait to do a few more to gift to friends. Show us your creations!

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