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15 Easy Wig Styling Tutorials

Wig styling might sound like the kind of skill that you’ll only really use around Halloween, but if you’re ever been to a drag show or Comicon, then you already know that there are plenty of people out there who style wigs for all kinds of reasons all year round! We’ve been quite interested in learning how to work with synthetic hair lately, and although our knowledge of regular hair styling on ourselves and our friends is a helpful start, working with plastic fibers is actually quite a specific process. That’s why we began scouring the Internet for different wig styling tutorials that will help us build our skills and create all different kinds of looks for the next time we get the chance to wear a fun wig!

Check out these 15 tutorials that will guide you through the process of curling, straightening, brushing, and teasing synthetic hair to make your favourite wigs do all kinds of fancy things.

1. Anime pigtail tutorial

Anime pigtail tutorial

Have you always been a huge anime fan and dreamed of transforming yourself into one of the stunning characters you’ve been watching for years? Well, colouring your actual hair to match theirs is a pretty big commitment in real life, so it might be a better idea to style a wig to really get their look. Check out how Heza Chan built these adorable little buns on top of perky high pigtails and then created delicate curls on either side of the bangs.

2. Yarn wigs

Yarn wigs

Are you actually more intrigued by the idea of making your own costume hair from scratch rather than working with a pre-exisitng wig, but you’re not sure you’re ready to tackle extensions or sewing tracks of hair to a lace cap? Then check out these super fun novelty yarn wigs instead! Made Everyday shows you how to make them in a few different styles that are absolutely perfect for costuming and playing dress up, even if they’re not the most realistic looking option around. Who cares as long as you’re having fun?

3. Short spiked wig tutorial

Short spiked wig tutorial

Were you intrigued by the idea of creating anime style hair but you’re not sure super girly styles like little pigtails are quite the look you were going for? Then check out this short, spiky style instead! Helping the synthetic hair keeps its shape like this takes several very particular steps and requires more than just a bit of hairspray, so make sure you follow the steps on Instructables carefully! It’s not hard once you’re familiar with the techniques.

4. Short, spiky foam wig

Short, spiky foam wig

Do you love the idea of a short, spiky anime inspired wig but you don’t currently have one that will really work for what you have in mind? Then check out this awesome foam strip alternative made by Schmemy Cosplay instead! This design takes some careful layering and therefore some patience but the final product will hold its shape well and look unique and awesome.