Winter Wood Slice Craft For Christmas

I realized recently that I hadn’t tried hand painting something in a while despite loving it so much and I’ve also been hankering to try crafting with wood lately, so I decided to combine the two.

By Jon Doe

I also decided to keep track of my steps so that I might help other people give the project a try too!

Materials Needed A wooden disc Paint Paintbrushes A dotting tool Water

Let's make Winter Wood Slice Craft

Step 1

Gather your materials! Use your wider brush to paint a waving shape near the bottom of your wood slice in white. This will be a snowbank! Mine spanned from the bottom rounded edge and a little bit up the side like a hill.

Step 2

Clean your wide, flat brush and use it to paint a tree in green. I created the shape of evergreen branches by lightly pressing the wide tip of my brush, dipped in green paint, at alternating downward diagonal angles layered from the centre on each side. 

Step 3

Use your smaller, medium sized brush and white paint to add snowy detail to the branches of your tree. I did this by painting along a number of the diagonal branches.

Step 4

Use your smallest brush dipped in black paint to add a tree trunk, connecting the green of your branches to the white of the snowbank so the evergreen looks like it’s sitting nestled in the snow.

Step 5

Use your larger paintbrush dipped in white once more to create a circle on the side of the wood slice opposite your tree, just above the other edge of your snowbank.

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