DIY Wine Cork Jewelry Organizer

You don’t have to turn online to find the perfect jewelry organizer, you can simply make one!

By Jon Doe

With just a few simple materials, you can easily make a handmade jewelry organizer that would make an amazing gift for someone or yourself!

Supplies Wood board Decoupage glue Rice paper Wine corks Hooks Green acrylic paint Paint brush Swipe Up for the full list of Supplies

Let's make DIY Wine Cork Jewelry Organizer

Step 1

Gluing your borders: With your decoupage glue, paint a fine layer of glue on the outside border areas so that your rice paper will stick on.

Step 2

Cutting Your Corks: Using a very share knife, cut your cork pieces in half. These pieces will be used to create the backdrop of your jewelry organizer.

Step 3

Trimming:  Trim any overlapping cork pieces with your sharp knife. Since these cork pieces will probably not fit perfectly, it’s ok to trim off any excess pieces of cork.

Step 4

Painting: Once your cork pieces are all trimmed and you know exactly how they will fit on the board, you can start to paint them.

Step 5

Time to Glue: Once your cork pieces are all painted and you know how you want them arranged on your board, you can start to hot glue them in place.

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