DIY Valentine’s Day Candle Holder from a Mason Jar

Do you love making and altering candle and candle holders too, especially if it means that you get to make things that will make your home look a little more cozy and loving on Valentine’s Day

By Jon Doe

I decided to get creative this week by making a pretty Valentine’s candle holder to hold a pretty glowing tea light on Valentine’s Day.

Supplies An empty jar White vellum Paper (pink and red) Scissors A pencil White liquid glue Red ribbon A brush

Let's make DIY Valentine’s Day Candle Holder from a Mason Jar

Step 1

Check your materials: Gather your materials together in front of you!

Step 2

Draw your hearts: Use your pencil to draw eight small hearts on your red piece of paper. I made mine vary in size, with some being slightly larger or smaller than others.

Step 3

Using the vellum paper: Measure out and cut a piece of your white vellum paper to cover the entire outside surface of your small empty jar.

Step 4

Liquid glue: Cover the outside surface of your jar with white liquid glue. Use enough that the entire outer surface gets covered well, but not so that it’s dripping.

Step 5

Add the hearts: Stick your red and pink hearts down all over the surface of the jar on top of the vellum paper, scattering them and alternating the colours however you please!

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