DIY Twine Wrapped Tin Can Container

When I caught myself staring at a tin can I’d just tossed into my recycling bin and thought about how well it would hold my disorganized and scattered makeup brushes.

By Jon Doe

I decided to incorporate a little bit of country chic looking twine wrapping too!

Supplies Red felt Red yarn Hot glue Scissors A tin can Thin rope twine

Let's make DIY Twine Wrapped Tin Can Container

Step 1 

Cut the heart: Cut a one inch by one inch square from the corner of your red felt. Turn the square a quarter turn so it looks like a diamond; the corner that now faces downwards will by the bottom tip of your can’s heart embellishment.

Step 2

Start wrapping: Twine wrap your tin can! Start at the bottom of the can, applying a dot of glue somewhere right at the bottom edge to anchor your end into, and then applying more glue along the edge.

Step 3

Thread the heart: Cut a small hole near the dip in the top of your heart with your scissors. I did this by folding it in half vertically and making a small horizontal cut and then unfolding it.

Step 4

Attach the heart: Place the heart against whichever part of the tin can you’d like the front to be, about an inch down from the top opening.

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