DIY Pom Pom Valentine’s Day Craft Monsters

We actually had so much fun making these pom pom monsters together that we made several each and scattered them about the house in preparation for the big day.

By Jon Doe

These DIY pom pom Valentine’s Day craft monsters are the perfect idea to try with your kiddos this year! Check out just how I made them right here.

Supplies Red pipe cleaner Pink yarn Red felt Googly eyes Hot glue Scissors A pencil

Let's make DIY Pom Pom Valentine’s Day Craft Monsters

Step 1

Check your list: Gather your materials!

Step 2

Draw the heart: Use your pencil to draw a heart shape in one corner of your red felt. I made mine as even as I could while freehand drawing and kept it about one inch wide and two inches tall. Cut the hear out and set it aside; this will be your monster’s feet later on.

Step 3

Make the pom poms: Use your red yarn to make a yarn pom pom! Start by cutting a strand of yarn about six inches long, folding it in half so you have the two loose ends met at one end and a loop at the other.

Step 4

Make the heart antenna: Fold your pink pipe cleaner in half and cut it at its centre. Bend one end of the first half over into a curve or circle to meet back up with the rest of the piece about half way down its length.

Step 5

Gluing: Apply hot glue to the bottom of your pom pom, opposite the heart shaped antennae that you just glued into place. Stick the pom pom down closer to the pointed end of your red felt heart.

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